SJTUSM student operators answered 120 emergency calls to keep the lifesaving hotline open 24/7

January 6, 2023 Share:

To ensure the effective and smooth implementation of pre-hospital first aid under the new situation of pandemic prevention and control in Shanghai, to strengthen the 120 pre-hospital first aid and pandemic emergency responses, and to facilitate the front line of first aid, the Shanghai Medical Emergency Center and Shanghai Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League urgently recruited 120 emergency call operator volunteers. SJTUSM students responded to the recruitment actively and signed up vigorously, rushing to help 120 emergency service in no time.

On the evening of December 25, 2022, 22 volunteers from SJTUSM quickly assembled to build a team. They started the job after taking the pre-post training the next day. Volunteers are mainly responsible for answering the 120 emergency calls across Shanghai, recording the basic information of patients, verifying the basic needs of patients, and classifying and prioritizing cases. A single shift covers 12 hours and the 24/7 rotating shifts ensure coverage day and night. The number of calls received by each person is about 300 per day.

Zhang Yuhan, an undergraduate student enrolled in the major of biomedical science in 2019, found that the complexity and intensity of the call operators’ job far exceeded expectations after receiving the induction training. Therefore, she volunteered to sort out the recorded work flow and operation details and edited the content into a work manual for volunteers to refer to. Her efforts have greatly promoted the efficiency and smoothness of the call answering service. Song Yijie, a student enrolled in the eight-year degree plan of clinical medicine studies in 2018, said that clinical medical students burden the future responsibility to save patients so answering the 120 call one second earlier brings more hope to the patient. Song mentioned that he might be limited in hands-on experiences but he tried his best to comfort and help patients before ending each conversation. Xing Sijia, a student enrolled in food hygiene and nutrition major in 2021, shared her most impressive experience of coming across the 100 ambulance volunteer drivers recruited from the society when they were preparing the vehicles to head to the first aid center in the lobby. At that moment, Xing realized that they are not isolated individuals because the whole society is working together to overcome difficulties. After completing several job tasks, Zhang Ke, a graduate student enrolled in the major of clinical laboratory diagnostics in 2022, had a deeper understanding of the pressure and hardship faced by staff fighting on the front lines of first aid, as well as the greatness and professionalism of the medical staff. In the first half of 2022, student supervisors and predecessors at SJTUSM fought on the front line. Their contributions to first aid across the country inspired Zhang deeply. She expressed her determination in shouldering the responsibilities and missions as a SJTUSM student by serving the motherland and the people. She aims to grow into a young talent in the new era who lives up to the times and youth.

As reported, the soaring Shanghai "120" emergency call answering business witnesses the record-setting number of incoming calls and the frequency of ambulance transportation. The big test of handling the peak of severe diseases is approaching. On this battlefield of first aid, SJTUSM students stepped forward to bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility. Their contributions have profoundly demonstrated the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress" and the great spirit of fighting against the pandemic based on the principle of "prioritizing the people’s lives, uniting the whole country, sacrificing without fear of the death, respecting the science, and rising and falling together". Meanwhile, during the process of volunteer recruitment and induction, the leaders of SJTUSM and relevant functional departments offered support and solicitude to raise the morale of the students.