CME Programs

The School has always been committed to building a quality education platform for the lifelong learning of in-service professionals in medical and health institutions. After years of trials and accumulation, it now includes continuing education programs in all clinical disciplines including "Internal and External Women and Children, Nursing, Medical Laboratory, Imaging, Nutrition, Rehabilitation and General Practice" in the School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals. The content not only focuses on the frontier of international or domestic development, but also combines with the introduction and promotion of advanced technologies and achievements at home and abroad. It aims to improve effectively the expertise knowledge, skills and professional quality of health professionals and technicians nationwide, and strive to deliver continuously medical and health professionals with optimized skills to society.

Job-transfer Training of General Practitioner

Under the leadership of the former Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, the Shanghai Education and Training Center for General Medicine was established in 2001, the Continuing Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine being responsible for the specific work. The main responsibility of the center is to, under the guidance of the Science and Education Department of the Shanghai Municipal Health and Health Commission, implement and promote actively the task of transfer training of Shanghai general practitioners (clinical category) in accordance with the requirements of the National Health and Health Commission. Since its inception, the center has developed an advanced training management system in faculty and curriculum construction, teaching management, learning support services, and results assessment and evaluation, and has trained nearly 1,000 trainees, winning wide acclaim from the Shanghai Health Care Commission and the trainees.

Sino-French Joint Training Project

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine has a long history of cooperation with French medical schools for more than a century since the establishment of AURORA University School of Medicine (the predecessor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine). Throughout its history, the School of Medicine has achieved remarkable results and accumulated a wealth of experience in its educational cooperation with leading French universities, such as University of Paris, University of Lyon, University of Strasbourg and other prestigious institutions. Apart from the academic education of French language courses in clinical medicine, cooperation projects also have language training projects such as "basic French training, French training for medical teams in Morocco, French training for nursing staff" and many non-academic training projects such as "residency in France, Sino-French cooperation in life sciences, research rotation and clinical apprenticeship, overseas study tour in Grenoble".

Business Management Training in Comprehensive Health

The college aims to cultivate high-level corporate managers that have the breadth of human health and the depth of corporate management, and are brave enough to take responsibility for global health. With this as the core of the curriculum design, we have formed a number of training courses for corporate managers in comprehensive health, such as leadership improvement, policy and regulation interpretation, corporate development planning, business model construction, corporate finance and human resource management, investment and financing, etc. We not only provide long-term or short-term public training programs for individuals in need, but also conduct customized mode of internal training courses for companies in need. At present, the training programs in operation, such as the China Pharmaceutical and Medical Senior Business Administration Class, the Medical and Health Future Leaders Class, and the Dental Medical Institution Management and Operation Class, have attracted many senior managers of enterprises in the field of comprehensive health, and have made great contributions to improve the capability of senior managers in China's pharmaceutical and medical R&D, production and service fields.