Graduate Studies

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) was one of the firsts to grant doctorate degrees and master degrees in 1981. In 1986, SJTUSM enrolled the doctoral candidates for clinical medicine for the first time. Currently, there are a total of 7 doctorate degree programs of first-class disciplines (basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, stomatology, public health and preventive medicine, pharmacy, nursing and biology). Basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, stomatology and pharmacy (co-built with School of Pharmacy, SJTU) have become the national “Double-First Class” disciplines. According to the discipline evaluation results published by Degrees & Postgraduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education in 2017, the national ranking of disciplines in SJTUSM is as follows: clinical medicine (A+), basic medical science (A-), stomatology (B+), nursing (B+), and public health and preventive medicine (B-).

Currently, there are a total of 940 doctoral supervisors and 1,203 master supervisors in SJTUSM, including 5 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 15 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Also, there are 7, 095 enrolled postgraduate students, among whom there are 3, 155 doctoral candidates and 3, 940 postgraduate students.

Strengthening moral education and cultivating people is the fundamental goal in the postgraduate education of SJTUSM. It implements connotative development of postgraduate education in an all-round way and takes cultivation quality improvement as the guiding thought in the reform of postgraduate education. Currently, the systematic quality guarantee system of admission, cultivation, degree awarding has been formed. SJTUSM has made a series of achievements in terms of postgraduate classification cultivation system and reform of postgraduate education of basic medical sciences, appointment of doctoral supervisors by getting rid of title limit.

At the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, SJTUSM will implement the important directions of general secretary Xi Jinping to postgraduate education and the spirit of national postgraduate education meeting thoroughly, and cultivate talents for CPC and China. Based on the reform achievements which have been made, SJTUSM will focus on improving education quality of postgraduates, further deepen reform and innovation, constantly improve a classified cultivation model, strengthen cross disciplinary cooperation, and establish academic evaluation system aiming at different degree types. Meanwhile, it is the important mission faced by us to strengthen the process management of postgraduate education, promote connotative development, train high-level talents who have research and innovation capabilities.