Global Vision

With the steady progress of developing a world-class university and first-rate disciplines, SJTUSM has continued to expand collaboration with world-renowned medical schools. Together with our global partners, we explored new forms of exchanges and collaboration, including short-term student exchanges, graduate student joint training, collaborative research, bilateral academic seminars, and training of teachers, and have gradually formed featured programs such as Sino-French joint medical education, Shanghai-Ottawa Joint Medical School, and overseas study tours for students.

We have longstanding collaboration with French medical schools. Over years of development, exchange programs with French counterparts have become a crucial part of our international education. Since the 1980s, SJTUSM has established partnership with prestigious French universities, including Paris Descartes University, Aix-Marseille University, University of Lyon, University of Strasbourg, Grenoble Alps University, Paris Diderot University, University of Montpellier, University of Rueon, University of Paris VI, and University of Lille. At present, our cooperation covers Clinical Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, fostering all levels of talents from undergraduates to post-doctoral students. Main projects include: eight-year Clinical Medicine French program with the University of Strasbourg; nurse exchange project with the Health Bureau of Strasbourg; Master’s Degree Program of Life Sciences with the University of Lyon and the University of Lille. In recent years, SJTUSM has continuously strengthened cooperation and exchanges with well-known French-speaking medical schools at home and abroad, and has explored advanced medical training models to enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness in educational internationalization.

The Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine was co-established by SJTUSM and Faculty of Medicine University of Ottawa in October 2014. This is the only Sino-foreign joint education program in medical education approved by China’s Ministry of Education which introduces advanced teaching philosophy of internationalized medical education, curriculum models, and online teaching platforms from North America to China. The joint school attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ core capabilities and comprehensive qualities, including solid basic knowledge, proficient clinical skills, effective communication skills, sound teamwork spirit, good management skills, ability to promote healthy lifestyles, lifelong learning capabilities, as well as global vision and scientific research capabilities. With this platform, we encourage exchanges of medical students, internationalized teacher training, Sino-foreign scientific research cooperation on Clinical Medicine, and discussions on health policies.

So far, SJTUSM has offered more than 50 regular short-term overseas study tours, which mainly fall under clinical probation programs, laboratory probation programs, course learning programs, and visiting programs. Annually, around 350 students are sent overseas and to Hong Kong or Taiwan for clinical probation, laboratory training in rotation, or course learning. The number of students participating in study tours is rising year by year. Students commented that they have benefited a lot from study tours.

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