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Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) boasts the most abundant clinical teaching resources in China and is ranked excellent in the undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In 2012, it was selected as one of the first pilot universities for the Program of Educating and Training Excellent Doctors by the Ministry of Education and served as the leading unit of the expert groups for this program.

SJTUSM currently offers 8 programs for undergraduates (Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Pediatrics, Biomedical Sciences, Preventive Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Food Safety and Nutrition), among which Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Medical Laboratory Technology, and Nursing are listed as national featured subjects. SJTUSM also provides special programs such as two forms of Eight-Year Program for Clinical Medicine (4+4-year doctoral degree program directly after postgraduate study; French-taught class), 5+3-year integrated training of Pediatrics and 5-year English training of Clinical Medicine. In 2015, to cultivate outstanding talents in the field of life sciences, the major of Biomedical Science was added.

Aiming at training outstanding medical talents with innovative inspiration in mind, SJTUSM has been practicing the teaching philosophy of “bringing together outstanding students with great potential for innovation and excellent teachers able to surpass themselves through innovative thinking; allowing them to inspire and compete with each other so that both our students and teachers will be ever more outstanding, and deliver innovative ability and wisdom that could be beneficial for a lifetime”.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine observes the law of medical education when training undergraduate students, focuses on updating teaching philosophy, and carries out reforms on the teaching content, methods, and curriculum system. We integrate professional ethics throughout the entire education process, attaching importance not only to the teaching of medical knowledge but also to stimulating students’ interests and scientific thinking. Through consistent implementation of PBL, CBL, RBL, and other teaching method reforms featuring students' autonomous learning, we have acknowledged the dominant role of students in learning and teaching and strengthened the cultivation of professional ethics as well as clinical practice capabilities of medical students. We’ve also realized the organic integration of knowledge among various clinical disciplines, that of basic and clinical medical knowledge, and of theoretical teaching and clinical practice. The ability-oriented formative and summative evaluation systems have been optimized. We have also facilitated the integration of medical education and practice to increase clinical experiences, taking measures such as encouraging medical services at the primary level and strictly managing internship to realize early and frequent practice. In this way, the School of Medicine dedicates itself to cultivating talents equipped with systematic basic medical knowledge and primary clinical competence who demonstrate the ability of lifelong learning, show respect for life and care for patients, and continuously pursue excellence. Keeping this goal in mind, the School has formed an undergraduate medical talent training model with our own characteristics and advantages.

SJTUSM continues to deepen international cooperation and promote international interaction, hence improving the internationalization of our medical education. We have carried out extensive cooperation with 63 universities and scientific research institutions in 19 countries and regions, retaining over 200 foreign experts as honorary professors, consultant professors, and visiting professors. The French-taught course for clinical medicine is a key cooperation project between China and France, which represents the continuation of the long-standing high-level cooperation between Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and French medical schools. Over the past 30 years, this project has fostered a large number of outstanding doctors who are now leaders and backbones in clinical practice, scientific research, and teaching. In October 2013, SJTUSM and University of Ottawa Medical School signed the “Cooperation Agreement between Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and Medical School of University of Ottawa”, whereby “Shanghai Jiao Tong University-University of Ottawa Joint Medical School” was established and it started to enroll students from 2015. This marks our major transformation from project-based to system-based international cooperative medical education.

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