University of Adelaide

Medical Communication and Health Sciences Program (online)



Eligibility Requirements:
English Language Proficiency:


Program Dates:

19th July – 13th August, 2022

Program Features:

This program has two, broad objectives. Firstly, students will develop communication skills that are directly relevant to a career in the medical professions. Example activities include writing medical themed reports, giving presentations based on a particular health topic and reading medical texts. In addition, communication classes will prepare students for the Health content components of this program.

The second objective is to expose MBBS students to an alternative approach to the study of medicine and in addition, to foster a greater awareness of the Australian health system and how this differs from the students’ own health care systems. Students will develop skills in analyzing and assessing patients, and in decision making, both individually and in teams.

As part of this second objective, students will have the opportunity to more fully explore a specific medical issue using a case based learning (‘CBL’) methodology that will encourage them to use existing knowledge, and material covered in classes to real world scenarios in small groups, in order to promote higher level cognition.

The teaching methodology is based on a communicative approach, with participants doing pair work and group tasks. This approach is designed to build students’ skills in teamwork and problem solving, as well as to enable them to display initiative and grow confidence.


International Affairs Office,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine


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