The 9th HSC student donor at SJTUSMThe 2nd case in Shanghai in 2023The 572nd case in ShanghaiThe 14780th case nationwideOn the afternoon of March 3, Zhang Ke, a 2022 graduate student in clinical laboratory diagnostics at SJTUSM, completed the collection of her hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), giving hope to a hematology patient who was on the verge of death.   Bone-marrow donation ties two liv...

SJTUSM’s Ninth HSC Student Donor Gives New Life to a Stranger

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The 9th HSC student donor at SJTUSM

The 2nd case in Shanghai in 2023

The 572nd case in Shanghai

The 14780th case nationwide

On the afternoon of March 3, Zhang Ke, a 2022 graduate student in clinical laboratory diagnostics at SJTUSM, completed the collection of her hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), giving hope to a hematology patient who was on the verge of death.


Bone-marrow donation ties two lives together

The story began on May 21, 2021, at the garden party themed "5.21 Love to Medicine" during the festival of medical students held by SJTUSM. It is there that Zhang Ke learned about the China Marrow Donor Program at the publicity booth for HSCs donation registry. She realized that her donation could save a patient and a family. Without hesitation, she signed up to join the program.


One year later, Zhang Ke received a call from Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch. She was surprised to know that her cells matched with a blood disease patient in the initial matching. Considering the extremely low probability of HLA matching, Zhang was thrilled to know that her bone-marrow donation could save a stranger's life. Before that, the disease was only taught in the hematology class. Now that she became a part of the treatment, she gained a deeper knowledge that her donation could give new life to a patient.


Zhang Ke contacted her parents immediately. They were proud of their daughter's decision, but they also worried about the negative effect of the surgery. After consulting experts and reviewing the relevant information, Zhang Ke allayed her parents’concerns. The care expressed by the School, the support offered by her tutor and the assistance provided by professionals at the Red Cross all stiffened her resolve to donate. She was determined to take the follow-up testing, hoping to give new life to the stranger thousands of kilometers away.

From October to December 2022, Zhang passed the high-resolution matching and physical examination after the initial matching. On February 16, 2023, under the witness of Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch and SJTUSM faculties, Zhang Ke signed on the informed consent form to donate her bone-marrow.

Assiduous in learning and vigorous in action

The saying “learning from textbooks and practices in the real world” has always encouraged Zhang Ke. During her study at school, Zhang Ke performed excellently in academics, won the award of 2022 Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai, and received many scholarships. In addition to studying and conducting scientific research, she joined the School club, served as the leader of the chorus of the medical school, and represented the School in the National Art Exhibition of College Students (Activities in Shanghai). In the summer of 2019, she participated in the aid education activity organized by the School, designed offline courses, and presented the world’s beauty to the children. During the pandemic in Wuhan in 2020, she responded to the call from her hometown to donate blood and helped tutor the children of families from outside Shanghai. During the first half of 2022 in Shanghai, , Zhang served as a volunteer to support the grid management to maintain order on campus. At the beginning of 2023, as a volunteer operator to answer 120 calls for the Shanghai Emergency Center, Zhang contributed her part to the smooth flow of the life-saving hotline. Zhang Ke's actions practiced the Red Cross spirit of "humanity, fraternity, and dedication", which embodies the mission and social responsibilities of SJTUSM students as future doctors in the new era. Her actions also demonstrate Ruijin Hospital's values of breadth and benevolence.



Serve and contribute with deep roots in the people

Before the official collection of the donor's HSCs, SJTUSM held a warm commendation ceremony for Zhang Ke. Participants included Cheng Guoliang, vice-president of Red Cross Society of China Shanghai Branch, Wu Zhengyi, Vice Chancellor, Deputy Secretary of the CPC SJTUSM Committee, Mao Ying, President of Huashan Hospital at Fudan University, Jin Jianping, president of Huashan Hospital, directors of relevant divisions of the Youth League Municipal Committee, related departments of SJTUSM, and secondary schools, student tutors, and Dai Jing, director at Department of Laboratory Medicine, the affiliated Ruijin Hospital.


Wu Zhengyi said that the donation of hematopoietic stem cells manifests the spirit of altruism and intrepidity. Medical students live by the virtual of a great physician by saving lives and aiding the wounded. Wu kindly reminded Zhang Ke to take a good rest after the donation and return to campus soon. Wu also wished her a new start in her study and encouraged more medical students to join the China Marrow Donor Program. Wu stressed the importance of carrying forward the spirit of voluntary participation in public welfare and fulfilling the mission and responsibility of a doctor to give hope to more patients suffering from diseases with love and courage, inheriting and promoting the morality of a healer, and presenting the vigor of SJTUSM students in the new era. As the mentor, Dai Jing appraised Zhang Ke's donation, which sets a good example for her peers and juniors. Dai believes that Zhang will turn into a caring medical practitioner in the future. Zhang said,“Fortunately, the matching is successful. Saving a patient in this way meets my original intention of learning medicine. I believe that most people will step forward and make the same choice in the same situation.”Having witnessed countless predecessors going back to places where others are leaving, Zhang Ke hopes that she can also assume her social responsibilities as a medical student, and become a young talent in the new era who lives up to the times and youth. She will serve the motherland and the people with her actions.


It is reported that since 2012, a total of 1,301 students from the SJTUSM have voluntarily joined the China Marrow Donor Program. As of today, nine student donors have successfully matched receivers and completed their donations.