Stay curious, remain true to heart: a story told by gradute student of 2022 Hung Jingyi

September 28, 2022 Share:

Hung Jingyi Class 2014 8-year Program in Clinical Medicine (French Class)

Eight years ago, I filled in Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine in my college entrance examination volunteer form with a sincere commitment to the medical cause. Since then, I embarked on my long medical journal. During the eight years, I have always been influenced by the University’s spirit of “Majoring in medicine must extensively exhaust their medical skills, keep being diligent on hard work and never slacken off”, and gradually grown up to be a “little doctor” from an ignorant juvenile. Fortunately, nowadays I still stay true to my original aspiration and curiosity about medicine.

Choosing the medicinal science means you must keep lifelong learning. The major I chose is urology surgery and my tutor is Professor Xu Danfeng worked in Ruijin Hospital. I always believe that everything comes to him who waits. I make furious efforts to learn from my tutor in the ward and work late into the night in the operating room. Now I have been an assistant that can independently participates in common urology surgery. With the curiosity about scientific research, I positively devoted myself to the basic and clinical research, and have published three academic theses as the first author, including two SCI treatises, nearly 16 points of accumulating impact factor. Meanwhile, under the guidance of my tutor, I designed “multi-cavity urethral lavage slotted catheter” and applied for the patent approved.  

As a student party member, I am high on student affairs and social service to constantly follow the spirit of service for others. Since in my freshman, I have been a monitor to be active in various student organizations and student associations. After admitted by Ruijin School of Clinical Medicine, I served as the President of the Student Union and ever held several campus activities, like Surgery Festival of “Lancet and Scalpel”,People-to-People Exchange Week of “ Treat Others as Yourself”. In the period of planning these activities, I keep thinking how to give consideration to campus activities’ education meaning and delight at the same time, and thus, students can learn and gain from these activities while enjoying themselves.

Out of campus, I want to dedicate myself to the social service. On November 2016, just when the Global Conference on Health Promotion was held in Shanghai, taking advantage of my French and English language skill, I served as the volunteer reception and accompanied participating officials from the Ministry of Health of Nigeria. As a medical student, I actively devoted myself to the activities of popularization of medical science, such joining in the sketch named Why Does Su Daqiang Make Trouble out of Nothing and A Study in Scarlet. In 2019, I, as the medical student representative, had an opportunity to exchange and discuss on the Shanghai Medical Youth Forum. During the COVID-19, in order to realize my own value in the society service, I actively answered the call of blood donation and joined the volunteer service of nucleic acid test in the community.

International vision is indispensible for medical students. Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles. I want to measure the world with my footstep and record the world with my eyes. As a member of French class, I have ever been to French many times for study and exchanges: in 2018, I went to Lille in French for the medical cultural and people-to-people activities of“held by four universities from three countries”. On December 2020, I participated in the FFI Residency Program for one year in Lille. The exchanges and study both bring me various benefits, including improvement in learning French, constantly consolidating the theory knowledge and improving my clinical skills and accumulating more interesting work experience. During the exchange with medical students from different countries, I have a deeper understanding of clinical practice and medical system in different countries.

What’s more, I also participated in the college students’ social practice of “Jinggangshan Spirit, Chinese Dream” in summary holiday. During a new trip of Long March, I deeply felt communists’ indomitable spirit. I also took part in the exchanges of National Yang-Ming University and happily sharing what we see and hear in the hospital with medical student of Taiwan. Every trip and every new experience will be my valuable fortune on my growth road.  

During the eight years in Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, I reaped rich fruits of the Title of Shanghai Outstanding Graduate of 2022, First Prize of Postgraduate Scholarship in the academic year of 2020-2021, several titles of “Merit Student”, “Excellent League Member” and “Excellent League Cadres”. It is the beginning of my medical journal and I will continue to keep my curiosity about medicine to strive for an outstanding medical talent.