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2023 Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine International Young Scholars Forum - Nursing Subforum Successfully held

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The Nursing Subforum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) School of Medicine International Young Scholars Forum was successfully held on June 19, 2023. The forum was hosted by SJTU School of Medicine and organized by the School of Nursing. It aimed to serve as a high-level academic exchange platform for national and international outstanding young scholars to share the latest research trends in nursing to and facilitate collaborations. The forum featured eight scholars delivering oral presentations and 16 graduate delivering post presentations. The forum wasco-moderated by Associate Dean ZHU Bingqian, Research Assistant Professor ZHANG Yuanyuan, and Lecturer GUO Ningyuan. Vice Chancellor FANG Yong of SJTU School of Medicine, Secretary of CPC SJTU School of Nursing Committee ZHANG Xin, and over 100 faculties, students and nurses from affiliated hospitals attended the forum.


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Vice Chancellor FANG Yong delivered opening remarks at the forum.He emphasized the School's dedication to attracting young talent and fortifying its strategic foundation. SJTU School of Medicine has been committed to thriving on strong talent throughout its journey of quality development. In particular, the School of Medicine's significant support for the nursing discipline has steadily increased the reputation and influence of the School of Nursing. He expected young nursing scholars to embrace an inclusive mindset, to work for a better society, and to find their mission and purpose in this significant era. Last, he expressed his best wishes for the successful conclusion of the forum.

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The forum featured eight young scholars from renowned institutions worldwide, including New York University, National University of Singapore, Peking University, and Peking Union Medical College. Their presentations covered a range of topics, including mental health, geriatric nursing, rehabilitation nursing, and oncology nursing. The research methods employed by the young scholars are characteristic of interdisciplinary integration. For example, some scholars applied machine learning models for evaluation, some used WeChat for intervention, and some worked on the development of rehabilitation robots. After each presentation, the audience actively engaged with the speaker, fostering a positive atmosphere of discussion. The forum also held an exhibition of posters created by graduate students. By showcasing students' research achievements, the exhibition further promoted academic exchanges among leading universities and helped improve the innovative thinking skills. The engaging atmosphere of scholarly interaction was well received by the attendees, who expressed a strong interest in continuing this exhibition in future events.

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At last, Secretary ZHANG Xin made the closing remarks of the forum and thanked all the scholars for their excellent contributions.As he noted, this was the third international forum for young scholars organized by the School of Nursing. The forum successfully achieved its goal of facilitating extensive academic exchange and was recognized as a resounding success. He further emphasized the commitment to continually offering such academic platforms in the future. Secretary Zhang also encouraged young nursing scholars to uphold the historic mission of researchers, to seize the opportunities of the times, and to actively improve their own capabilities, thereby contributing to the advancement of the nursing field.

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The four-hour event garnered high praise from participants for its future-oriented topics and international perspective. Thisacademic exchange not only celebrated the achievements of young scholars here and abroad but also provided new research insights in a global context.


Source: School of Nursing

Correspondent: XIE Xin