How medical students shoulder the great responsibility of youth

February 18, 2022 Share:

When the city is forced to press the “pause button”, the community’s epidemic prevention becomes the first defense line. Since on 1 April, Zhang Yiqin, a student of the post-95 graduate student majoring in obstetrics and gynecology at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, took the initiative to join the community epidemic prevention volunteer team in the community in Putuo District. As a medical student, Zhang Yiqin experienced various positions of the nucleic acid scanning code, statistics and distribution of dispensing information during the 40 days.  

“Choosing the medicine is to choose the devotion.” Nowadays, between the switching of various roles, Zhang Yiqin is delightful to know that she is constantly polishing the background of youth’s responsibility in epidemic volunteer service.

The following is Zhang Yixin’s narration:

Joining the volunteer team of community is out of “habit”

The belief of “A medical student should do more” motivates me to positively join the volunteer team of community. As a medical student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, I timely remember the school motto of “gratitude for the source of benefit”. When my city that raising me is ill, I should devote myself to her.

Or joining the volunteer team of community was out of “habit”. At school, I have always been the leader of volunteer community. As a medical student, I had the experience of wearing and taking off the protective clothing with solid medical knowledge. At the key time of epidemic prevention and control, I, as the youth, should certainly contribute to the society instead of lying down and accepting what others offer. I told myself that I must do what I could for the community.

After joining the team of “Dabai”, at the beginning, we ask the nearly thousands of residents to gather at 5 a.m. for registering the nucleic acid code. If some of the elderly people cannot use the intelligent phone, we need to have the patience to teach them. No matter it rains or is burning out, after taking off the “Dabai” clothes, all over the body is sweating, and even salt flowers can be seen on the clothes.

At the moment, I feel a little delightful that “the victory of the fighting against the epidemic has been near to us”. The joy can also offset all the fatigue on the body. The elder brothers and sisters had not complained or feel tired about the volunteer service. What they had always said was a mutual agreement: let’s continue to “join the fight against the epidemic” next time!

I firmly decide to devote myself to the medicine and health cause through the experience.

In addition to servicing as a volunteer for code scanning on the nucleic acid test day, I was also responsible for the statistics of the dispensing demands of the unit building’s residents. And then I needed to hand over the sorted demand information and medical insurance card to the “dispensing man” who can go out on weekdays. After getting the drugs, I would begin my distribution task.

Some elderly people living alone have serious basic diseases, suffering from cerebral infarction with a high risk of drug withdrawal. They knocked on my door many times at night; some others must go to the hospital at the current day for asking an “exit permit” immediately with emotion... Whenever I encountered these conditions, I tried my best to relieve the neighbors’ urgent demands while comforting them and rapidly contacting to the related staff of the community.  

When I sorted the drug needs of an old woman in the unit building, I found she had high requirements for drugs with tedious things. In addition, her ears were almost deaf and she did not use the mobile phone. Every time she came to me, she had to shout with her highest voice. She lives alone with children not being around for their own busy work. Every time I collected her information, it became one of the few times that she has been accompanied for over a month. On several occasions, when I left, she also bowed to me again and again to thank me.

I just did such a little thing, but the old man is so grateful that I feel I can’t afford it. “Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families”. What everyone can do for the old people around him is just a part of voluntary service in an aging society.

During over 40 days’ service, it is very helpful for me to firmly adhere to my career ideal in the future. It has been six years since I was admitted by the medicine department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. “Striving for the medical and health undertakings” is not only a slogan, but also my pursuit. The experience taught me what is dedication and what is giving. There are so many volunteers who do not care about gain or loss and benefits that also give me a deeper understanding of dedication.

I have also tried to serve the head of the community for several times. Because I am worried about the uncontrollable risks will lead to losses for residents, I will advance funds by myself and make collection after arrival of the goods. If I was tricked, I intended to undertake the losses by myself. Not to show how great I am, but I just want to hold up my own responsibility with shoulders to interpret the power of youth with action and love.

The striver is always young! I grow up with moving forward, experience with growing up, and constantly polished the background of youth’s responsibility in the fight against the epidemic.