Renji Hospital


LIN Yingying

Associate Research fellow

Graduate Supervisor

Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research area: Oncology


Tel: 021-

Research Interests

  • Dr Lin is primarily dedicated to the complex interaction between tumor cells and their microenvironment and associated targeted therapy. Previous works includes clarify the important role of the microvesicles released by tumor cells in inducing the carcinoid changes of stromal cells, promoting angiogenesis and the formation of local immunosuppressive microenvironment. Meanwhile, Dr Lin’s group revealed the mechanisms of microenvironment feedback acting on tumor cells, changing the signal network in tumor cells, and finally making tumor malignant progression. Relevant research results have been published in JNCI-J Natl Cancer I, Cancer Immuno Res, Cancer Lett, Int J Cancer, Brit J Cancer, J Exp Clin Cancer Res. Dr Lin won a national invention patent and was selected into Shanghai Youth Science and Technology Talents Sailing program. In the future, Dr Lin’s group will continue to study the changes of protease signal network in tumor triggered by microenvironment during treatment resistance, explore the molecular mechanism behind tumor high stress tolerance, and provide important theoretical basis and new therapeutic strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of refractory tumors.