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Deputy chief physician

Tel:  13816817552




  • Wang Ling: Female, MD&PhD, associate chief physician of nephrology department in Renji hospital Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, mainly engaged in clinical and basic research of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney diseases. The latest researches were published in Journal of American Society of Nephrology, Journal of American Society of Hypertension, American Journal of Nephrology and other core journals such as Chinese Medical journal and Chinese medical journal of nephrology, and have been conducted many academic exchanges in the international and domestic academic conferences as well. Won international prizes such as development prize, best abstracts awards and travel grants et al.

  • She graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and received her PhD degree of nephrology in 2009, and from 2013-2014, she was sent to Yale University School of Medicine to work as a visiting scholar by funding from ministry of education.  She was also trained as a teacher in nephrology in Ottawa University School of Medicine in 2017.

  • As the project leader, she presided over the projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Health Bureau, and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China project as the main creator. As the main member of the project team, she won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and China Science and Technology Progress Award. Responsible for the daily work of clinical treatment in the department, including outpatient department, ward, hemodialysis, abdominal dialysis, emergency department, responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of clinical patients, and the specific implementation of several clinical research topics.


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  1. “Renalase protects proximal tubule cells from cisplatin induced apoptosis in vivo and invitro” Travel Grant award from International Society of Nephrology World congress of Nephrology, 2013

  2. “Analysis of urinary proteomic profiles between progrssive and non-progressive IgA nephropathy by 2D-DIGE and MALDI -TOF- MS Best abstract award from Asian Society of Nephrology in 2011

  3. Best 10 abstracts award: 11th Asian Pacific Conference of Nephrology, May 2008

  4. Development award: 11th Asian Pacific Conference of Nephrology, May 2008

  5. 3rd best paper award: Conference of Shanghai association of Critical Care Medicine, 2006

  6. Board certified in Medical Doctor, China Board of Emergency Medicine Diplomat, 2000

  7. Board certified in College Assistant Professor, Bureau of Education, China, 2001

Rencent Research Support:

  1. 2014 Shanghi Scientific committee“Renalase peptide regulate macrophage through NLRP3-Caspase1 pathway and the mechanism in fibrosis”(PI)Grant No:14ZR1424800

  2. 2013 National Nature Science Fund “NLRP3 and inflamasom in CI-AKI and its mechanism in chronic kidney fibrosis” (Co-PI)  Grant No:81370794

  3. 2012 Shanghai Health Bureau “Prevent CKD progression before and after hospitalization by western and Chinese traditional medicine”(PI)Grant No:ZYSNXD-CC-ZDYJ002

  4. 2011 National Nature Science Fund “The different expression of peroxisome during acute kidney injury and its mechanism of anti-oxidation” (Co-PI) Grant No:81070548

  5. 2010 Shanghai education bureau:The different expression of urinary proteomic of Contrast induced acute kidney injury. (PI) Grant No:06BZ028