Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine




Associate Chief Surgeon, Liver Surgery and Liver Transplantation

Shanghai Ren Ji Hospital ,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine


Tel: 18621111912

Major Direction: Surgical treatment of liver & biliary tumor and liver transplantation


  • Upon graduation from the Second Military Medical University in 1997, Dr. Tong has an over 20 years of experience performing diagnosis and surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the liver & biliary system and liver transplantation for various end-stage liver diseases.

  • Dr. Tong has participated in and performed more than 5,000 cases of hepatobiliary tumor resection, including primary liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, hilar cholangiocarcinoma, gallbladder carcinoma and hepatic hemangioma in his career spanning of 20+ years. Since 2013, he and his team have performed 600+ cases of adult liver transplants and 200+ cases of pediatric liver transplants.

  • Dr. Tong is currently a committee member of Shanghai Medical Association Organ Transplantation Special Branch, a committee member of Xenoplastic Transplantation Group of Chinese Medical Association Organ Transplantation Special Branch, and a committee member of Liver Surgery Group of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Branch of Chinese International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare .

  • Dr. Tong has been personally three times awarded third prize of Military Medical Achievement Award. He is project leader of the Key Project of Science and Technology in Medical Field of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. As the first author, Dr. Tong has published 12 SCI articles and over 10 papers in domestic core journals, and participated in 4 monographs.


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