Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


LU Haixia

Associate Professor


Tel: 86-21-53316065

Research Interests

  • prevention and management of early children caries, periodontal disease and general health, oral epidemiology and oral biostatistics


  • Dr. Haixia Lu, the director of Discipline and Research office, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, College of Stomotology, office director of National Clinical Research center for Oral Diseases, and deputy office director of the National Center of Stomatology, Ninth People's Hospital. Member of the Dental Prevention Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association, Member of the Dental Prevention Committee of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association. She attained PhD degree from Dental Public Health, Faculty of Dentistry, The University of Hong Kong in 2011, and visited the University of Washington in 2009 as a visit scholar. She has long been engaged in the professional medical education and research of Preventive Dentistry. Her research interests include prevention and management of early children caries, periodontal disease and general health, oral epidemiology and oral biostatistics. As the principal investigator, she was awarded one National Natural Science Foundation of China and three provincial and ministerial projects. She also published more than 50 journal papers, including 19 SCI papers as the first or corresponding authors, particularly in the Journal of Dental Research, Community Dentistry and Oral epidemiology. She is the editorial board member of the International Dental Journal, the official journal of the World Dental Federation FDI, and the young editorial board member of the Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine. She is also a reviewer for Journal of Dental Research, Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, and BMC oral health. As the main drafter, she drafted the national health industry standard "Oral Health Survey and Examination Methods". As the main writer, she compiled the clinical guidelines for the Diagnosis and Prevention of Dentin Sensitivity (Revised 2019). She was awarded the third prize of the Heraeus Gosa Medical Education Award in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, it was funded by the Excellent Youth Project of the Ninth People's Hospital. Member of high-level local university innovation team in Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. The 2017 National Conference on Oral Preventive Medicine won the second prize for outstanding papers.


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