Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


PANG Huihua

Associate Chief Physician


Tel: 13917180312

Research Interests: Interventional treatment of coronary heart disease and structural heart disease; intravascular luminal imaging and functional assessment and intervention; basic research and clinical translation of cardiovascular disease.


  • Pang Huihua, Nephrologist, Medical doctor,

  • Associate Chief Physician in Nephrology Division, Renji Hospital, Shanghai jiaotong university, School of Medicine,

  • Committee of Shanghai Medical Association Nephrology Specialty Society, Pudong Society

  • Specialist member of Chinese Medical Association Nephrology Specialty Society

  • Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

  • Specialist member of Shanghai Medical Association Nephrology Specialty Society

Dr. Pang graduated from Shanghai 2nd medical university and got her master degree in 1998, then got the doctor degree in 2003. She worked as a nephrologist from 1998, then attending doctor in Renal department of Renji Hospital from 2005, associate chief physician from 2019. She has been worked in Tokyo Juntendo University as a visiting scholar sending by Chinese Ministry of Health 2006-2008。In 2016, she has served as the head of medical team to Mouding county, Yunnan province for 6 months; it was a government-backed poverty alleviation project.

Dr. Pang has extensive knowledge in primary and secondary kidney disease, including lupus nephritis, diabetic nephropathy, acute and chronic renal failure, etc. Strong experience with clinical practice of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


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