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Chief Physician


Tel: 021-68385528

Research Fields: The molecular mechanism and treatment of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.


A doctor of medicine, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor, Attending doctor of Cardiology Department of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine; a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Cardiology, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University from 2004 to 2006; serves as the deputy director (vice chairman) of the Cardiac Acute and Critical Care Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, the deputy head of the National Cardiovascular Acute and Critical Care Group of the Tenth Committee of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Disease Branch, the chairman of the Yangtze River Delta Cardiovascular Acute and Critical Care Alliance, the head of the Cardiac Acute and Critical Care Working Group of Shanghai Medical Doctor Association. In recent years, has been invited as a core expert to participate in the preparation of 17 consensuses on various cardiovascular-related guidelines; as a member of the expert group, participated in the preparation of Guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infective endocarditis in adults, published in Eur Heart J (Impact Factor: 30); has presided over 11 scientific research projects, included the National Natural Science Foundation of China or provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, etc; has published more than 60 papers, including more than 30 SCI papers; serves as a special reviewer for the core journals "Journal of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences", "Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University" and "Journal of Zhejiang University"; and to be an editorial board member of the "Chinese Journal of Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy", a series of journals of the Chinese Medical Association; has independently recruited and trained more than 20 post-doctoral, doctoral and master students; edited one monograph as chief editor, and participated in the editing of several monographs, such as “Practical Cardiology”, National Higher Education Medical Planning Network Electronic Textbook "Internal Medicine" and “ECMO”.


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