Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


GENG Jieli


Tel: 13761960947

Research Fields: 认知障碍


I have more than 20 years of clinical working experience in Neurology department which gives me extensive clinical knowledge and strong communication skills with patients and their families. I received my Ph.D. in neurology at Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in 2015. My dissertation was about the endothelial progenitor cells therapy on the stroke mice. After that, I focused on clinical work and clinical research about cognitive impairment. Also, I was a visiting scholar in Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto in 2019. My research there was the image study of the post stroke cognitive impairment.

Clinical work

I have solid training in clinical neurology department. My routine job is shifting among the neurology emergency department, neurology inpatient ward and neurology clinics (general outpatient clinic and memory clinic).

I have been focusing on the following parts of clinical work:

‐Evaluation of dementia: to assess the cognitive impairment by some screening tests, like MMSE, MoCA, Clock test, TMT, Stroop C, DST, Digital span, BNT, AVLT, Rey-O and HAMD, etc.

‐Cause of dementia: to identify conditions and diseases that cause symptoms of dementia or mimic dementia by medical history, blood test and brain image.

‐Treatment for dementia: to treat potentially reversible dementias including nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune encephalitis, normal pressure hydrocephalus (referral to neurosurgery), neurosyphilis (referral to dermatology department), etc.; to treat vascular dementia by prevention of stroke; to prescribe some medications to slow down the cognitive decline; to help patients and their care-givers by patient education.

‐Primary and secondary prevention of stroke: to improve the quality of care for stroke patients, to bridge the gap of evidence-based medicine in stroke management in community hospital.

Clinical research

I also have been focusing on the following part of clinical research:

‐to determine whether brain MRI or PET-based information yield insights into the characteristic and outcome prediction of cognitive impairment.

I am the principal investigator of an ongoing phase II clinical trial of an Alzheimer's disease medicine.

Teaching experience

  • I have been involved in neurology teaching at Jiao Tong University School of Medicine for more than ten years. I had been a principle lecturer in Neurology for 3 years.

  • I took Shadowing Program at University of Ottawa in March 2016. In the process, I learned various teaching methods (CBL, PSD, UDA, LAB, etc.).  I also gave lectures on some parts of “Introduction to Neurology” at Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine.

  • Adjunct Professor in the department of Innovation in Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa. (2017.9.1-2022.8.31)


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