Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


LI Jin


Tel: 021-68383428

Research Interests: 老年疾病的临床与基础,健康管理


Master of Medicine, associate chief physician of geriatrics and general medicine, part-time associate professor of Ottawa-Shanghai joint school of medcine. She has been engaged in clinical teaching and scientific research of gerontology for a long time, focusing on the management of chronic diseases of the elderly, as well as health management and health care. She is currently a member of the Geriatrics and Health Care Professional Committee of Shanghai Gerontology Society, and a member of the Human Resources Management Special Committee of Shanghai Hospital Association. She has published some academic papers, participated in the compilation of four professional and geriatric related popular science books and "Hospital Quality Management - Systems and Procedures" and won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award.


  1. Effects of enalapril on local cardiac angiotensin-converting enzyme and left ventricular hypertrophy in elderly spontaneously hypertensive rats Chinese Journal of Gerontology,2003

  2. Hyperlipidemia (co editor) 2013

  3. Hospital Quality Management - Systems and Procedures 2014

  4. A Study on the Cognitive Evaluation of the Middle Management of the Third Class General Hospital on the Collaborative Management of Multiple Hospitals,[J]Chinese Hospital,10.19660/j.issn.1671-0592.2021.5.06