Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


YANG Liqun


Tel: 86-15921969001

Research Interests: Anesthesia & Pain


Dr Yang Liqun graduated from the Second Military Medical University.  He was elected as vice President of Shanghai Society of Anesthesiology in 2019, and life time membership of the International Society of Anesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP) in 2012.  He has rich experience in anesthesia for hepatobiliary diseases, especially for pediatric liver transplantation. He formulated and wrote the Expert Consensus on Anesthesia Management for Pediatric Liver Transplantation in China in 2020 and the Expert Consensus on Basic Techniques and Drugs for Standardized Perioperative analgesia Management in 2017. In terms of basic research, we focus on the regulatory mechanism of perioperative liver protection and liver regeneration, and the central regulatory mechanism of postoperative pain chronic. Dr Yang and his team have undertaken a number of scientific research projects funded by the State and Shanghai.


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