Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


SU Yingjie

Associate chief pharmacist


Tel: 13764566588

Research: Antitumor drugs clinical pharmacy


Anti-tumor drug clinical pharmacist in Renji hospital

Lecturer at Ottawa-Shanghai joint school of Medicine 

Teacher in Clinical pharmacist training base of Chinese Hospital Association

Member of the Anti-tumor Professional Group of Clinical Pharmacy Branch of Shanghai Medical Association

Member of anti-tumor Professional Group of Clinical Pharmaceutical Management Professional Committee of Shanghai Hospital Association

As associate chief pharmacist in Renji hospital, Su Yingjie is responsible for the drug therapy strategy and management for tumor patients with complex drugs and organ dysfunction, drug interactions, adverse drug reactions and management of cancer pain patients. 

So far, Su Yingjie has been engaged in the clinical pharmacy work of anti-tumor drugs for more than 10 years, and has published more than 7 SCI papers and more than 10 papers in Chinese core journals as the first author or the corresponding author. Also Su Yingjie has participated in 3 monographs, presided over and participated in nearly 8 municipal Science and Technology Commission funded projects. The papers have won the award of “Excellent paper” in the annual meeting of Clinical Pharmacy Branch of Chinese Medical Association. 

Su Yingjie is the recipient of many awards and honors including Excellent Clinical Pharmacist of Shanghai Medical Association, Excellent Young Pharmacist of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association and Excellent Teacher of Shanghai Clinical pharmacist in on-the-job Training.


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