Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


ZHU Mingli

Chief physician


Tel: 13701903155

Acute Kidney Injury, Sepsis, Renal Replacement Therapy


He graduated from The second military medical university in 1998. Now he is deputy director of the administrative in the department of critical care medicine, Renji hospital affiliated to school of medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong university. He is engaging in the diagnosis and treatment of acute or chronic renal injury combined multiple organ dysfunction and researching the mechanism of renal injury and prevention and cure of complications of the clinical and research work, and is good at critical individual and combined blood purification treatment. He was fellow at Renal Research Institute in New York for one year. In recent years, he has published more than 10 SCI papers. In the field of critical care, he used hybrid blood purification for severe acute kidney injury or MODS patients including CRRT and ECMO. Using these new technologies, through the combination of different treatment modes, so that more critically ill patients can be alive. He has rich clinical experience and theoretical knowledge for AKI and blood purification, Complete the relevant teaching tasks for 6-8 credit hours per year. 

He is member of AKI and CRRT Group, Kidney Dialysis Committee, China Association of Non-Public Medical Institutions, Member of the first Blood transfusion Committee of Shanghai Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Member of the second session of Disaster Medicine Professional Committee of Shanghai Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.


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