Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine




Title: Professor/Chief Resident

Tel: 021-38626920

Research Specialties: Developmental and Behavioral Disorders, including Language Disorder, Developmental Delay, Mental Retardation, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Professor Yiwen Zhang is Master Mentor of Pediatrics, and the director of Department of Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics, National Children's Medical Center, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. 

She is the vice head of the Developmental & Behavioral Group of Chinese Pediatric Society, the Chinese Medical Association. She is also the honorary leader of the Developmental & Behavioral Group of Pediatric Society, Shanghai Medical Association. She led the "Children's Language Clinic Standardization Construction Cooperation Group" in the Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Group of the Chinese Medical Association. 

Professor Zhang has been engaged in clinical, educational and research work in child health care and Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics for long. In both 2002 and 2006, she studied Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics and children's speech and language therapy in the Child Development Center and Hearing & Speech Center in Wisconsin Children's Hospital. In clinical work, she is specialized in diagnosis and treatment for developmental & behavioral diseases, such as ADHD, tics, language disorders, developmental delay, and intervention guidance for problems including parent-child relationship, peer relationship, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, emotional problems.

Her research expertise is the assessment and intervention for children language development. With her support, in 2015 Chinese Children's Language Communication Promotion Alliance was established to actively promote the standardization of our country's children speech therapy technology and brought it into line with international standards. Since 2016, she has led the project of "Construction of Demonstration Center on Early Childhood Growth and Development based on allocating high quality medical resources to wider regions", which helps to actively explore children's consortia in the field of children's health care and improve the professional diagnosis and treatment in primary children health care. This work could arrange closer partnerships between top-tier hospitals and grassroots medical services to provide health management and healthcare services for urban and rural residents.

In April 2019, she served as the leader of the "Children's Language Clinic Standardization Construction Collaboration Group" in the Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics Group of Chinese Pediatric Society, the Chinese Medical Association, dedicating to establish a standard system children's language diagnosis and treatment in China.


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  • Pudong District Health Commission Project, Construction of a medical-educational collaborative system for physical and mental health monitoring of students after the COVID-19 Epidemic, 2020.7-2021.6, finished, leader.

  • Pudong District Health Commission Project, Intervention of traditional Chinese and western medicine integration for low-birth-weight and high-risk infants aged from 0 to 1, 2019.7-2020.6, under research, leader.

  • Shanghai Health Commission Project, YY0180502, Research in traditional Chinese medicine health care and rehabilitation prevention management in high-risk children aged 0-3 years, 2017.9-2019.9, 200k, under search, leader.

  • Pudong District Health Commission Project, Construction of a regional medical consortium based demonstration Base for early childhood growth and development, 2017.6-2018.5, finished, leader.

  • Shanghai State Scientific and Technological Commission Project, Major Program’ Sub-project, 14441904003, Development and clinical application of infant language interaction environment monitoring technology, 2014.2-2016.12, 74k, finished, leader.

  • Shanghai Education Commission Project,A201475002,Research on the medical education intervention model for children and adolescents' mental and behavioral health promotion,  2014.9-2016.8, 83.6k, finished, leader.