Ottawa-Shanghai Joint School of Medicine


LI Xia

Chief Physician

Dementia especially Alzheimer’s Disease

Molecular genetics and biochemistry of dementia and mood disorder


Tel: 021-34773440


  • September 2008~June 2011: Ph.D study in Psychiatry, Shanghai Mental Health Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine.

  • September 2000~June 2003: Master of Science in Psychiatry. Department of Psychiatry, Tongji University.

  • September 1989~July 1992: Special Course of Study. Department of Medicine, Jinggangshan Medical College.

Current position

  • Chief director. Consult psychogeriatrist, Department of psycho geriatrics, Shanghai Mental Health Center. China

  • Consult psychogeriatrist, deputy director, Alzheimer Disease Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University school of medicine.

  • Vice group leader, group of psychogeriatrics, Chinese Psychiatrist Association.

  • Standing Committee member and deputy secretary-general, Alzheimer's Disease China.


  • Collaborative Innovation Center for Clinical  and Translational Science by Ministry of Education & Shanghai, 2022-2024(Code:CCTS-202203)

  • Project of “Technical Standards for Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Assessment of Cognitive Functioning in the Elderly” supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission "Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan" Technical Standards Project,2022-2024(Code:22DZ2205800)

  • Project of “A real-world study and exploratory intervention on digital treatment acceptance among Elderly” supported by Clinical Research Center, Shanghai Mental Health Center, 2021-2025(Code:CRC2021ZC01)

  • Project of “Tiered screening and community intervention for risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly” supported by Fifth Three-year Action Plans for Public Health, 2020-2022(Code: GWV-9.2)

  • Director of the sub-center, Project of “Development of a cohort of senile deafness and prevention and management strategies” suppoorted by Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center Major Clinical Research Project, 2020.7-2022.12 (Code:SHDC2020CR1044B)

  • Project of ”A cohort and promotion of a intelligent musical movement blanket intervention for mild cognitive impairment in the community” supported by Advanced and Appropriate Technology Promotion Project of Shanghai Health and Health Commission,2019-2022(Code:2019SY045)

  • Being in charge of Project of National Key R&D Program of China: “To build up following-up management model in neurocognitive impairment based on China communities”, 2017-2020.(Code. 2017YFC1310500)

  • Project of “Remember that I love you—know more about cognitive disorders from short video” supported by Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, 2017-2019(Code 17dz2305800)

  • Project of “A longitudinal study on miR132/212 regulating neuroprotective factors as predictors for outcome of late-life depression” approved by National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), 2016-2020(Code.81671402)

  • Being in charge of project of “PST application and MiRNA132/BDNF regulatory pathway as a peripheral marker in senile depression, 2015-2018(Code. 15411961400)

  • Project of “research on MicroRNA-16 regulating serotonin transporter in Depression” approved by National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC). 2011-2014 (Code: 81101007).


  • "A Cognitive Self-Assessment Scale for the Elderly" . First Prize in the 11th Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Innovation "Starlight Plan".2021

  • "I only know you" - a series of warm scientific popularization of Alzheimer's disease. Chinese Medical Association Award for Popularization of Medical Science and Technology. 2021

  • Scientific Research Achievement Second Prize. Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 2021

  • Record of "I Only Know You" - "Professional and Warm" Alzheimer's Disease Science Education. First Prize, Shanghai Science and Technology Award - Science and Technology Popularization Award. 2020

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Shanghai Science Education Innovation Award Individual Second Prize.2019

  • “Shanghai March Eighth red banner pacesetter” “woman heroes” award by shanghai government, 2017.

Publications (parts of)

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