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ZHANG Guoqing



Tel: 13636459975



I graduated from the Department of Pediatrics of Tongji Medical University in 1996. I obtained my master's degree in Xinhua Hospital in 2001, and MD degree at Children’s hospital of Fudan University in 2007. I have worked at Shanghai Children's Medical Center since 2007.  I was promoted to associate chief physician in December 2018. I received short term clinical teaching training at the Medical School of University of Ottawa in 2017, and three months of clinical teaching training at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2019. I am a committee member of the Resuscitation Group of the Newborn Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and member of the Newborn Branch of the Shanghai Society of Biological Engineering. I have been engaged in pediatrics for more than 20 years, and committed to the treatment and follow-up of critically ill newborns.


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