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Major Research Direction: Health policy research


Yimin Zhang, Ph.D., graduated from Fudan University majoring in social medicine and health service management, is a postdoctoral fellow of Fudan University Public Administration and Public Health Policy Innovation Research Base in sociology. Researcher Zhang, as an outstanding academic leader in the health system of Pudong New Area, a leading talent, and an important member of Shanghai Leading Talent Echelon, has been awarded as "Pudong New Area Youth Post Expert", "Top Ten Medical Rising Star", "Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow of Fudan University" and "Advanced Individual" of Shanghai Health and Family Planning System", etc. Researcher Zhang has been engaged in health policy and management research, leads a number of research projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, a project of WHO, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Human Health and Human Health, and so on. In recent years, there are eight studies obtained kinds of rewards, for example, the research of Medical security promotes targeted health poverty alleviation project -- "three precise and four-party linkage" to solve the problem of "poverty caused by disease" was rewarded the second prize of decision-making and consulting research achievements of Shanghai, “Study on spatial matching and performance index of medical service system in Pudong New Area” won the second prize of Science and technology Progress in Pudong New Area, “Reflections and Suggestions on the development of health service industry in Shanghai” won the Silver Award of Qian Xuesen Urban Studies - "Urban Health Problems". In the past five years, researcher Zhang has published more than 50 academic papers as the first author or corresponding author. As the chief editor, researcher Zhang published the work of "Research on the Equity of Maternal and Child Health Services in China", and participated in the monograph "World Medical System" as a major member.


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