School of Pediatrics


Wang Jun

MD, Chief Physician, Master's Supervisor

Organization: Department of Pediatric Surgery, Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.


Cell phone: 13651752216

Expertise: Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and etiological study on neonatal surgery and congenital intestinal malformation.


Since 1987, he has been working in the pediatric surgery department of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Second Medical University. Now he is in charge of the pediatric general surgery department and neonatal surgery department. He is a member of Pediatric Surgery Branch of Chinese Medical Association and deputy leader of Neonatal Surgery Group, vice-chairman of Pediatric Surgery Branch of Shanghai Medical Association, standing member of the maternal-fetal Medicine Branch of China Maternal and Child Health Care Association, and a member of pediatric minimally invasive surgery Expert group of National Health and Family Planning Commission. As a senior visiting scholar, he has visited the Department of Surgery, University of Hong Kong Mary Hospital, Cancer Research Center, University of California, USA, Department of Surgery, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and Children's Hospital of San Francisco, Department of Surgery, Children's Hospital of University of Tubingen, Germany, and Department of Surgery, University of Leipzig Children's Hospital. He has in-depth research on neonatal surgery, pediatric general surgery, and minimally invasive surgery, and specializes in the treatment of various complex congenital structural malformations, such as congenital severe diaphragmatic hernia, various types of esophageal atresia, anorectal malformations, long segment, and whole colon megacolon, biliary tract malformations, etc. His research focuses on prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and risk assessment of severe congenital diaphragmatic hernia, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of complex esophageal atresia and complications, technological innovation, and multidisciplinary cooperation. Early intervention of neonatal surgical malformations and surgical techniques in delivery rooms have been innovatively carried out in China, which has significantly improved the cure rate of some critical malformations. He has presided over and participated in the research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Participated in WOFAPS, IPEG, and other international pediatric surgery conferences and made speeches, and won the award for an excellent paper. He has published dozens of papers in SCI and domestic core journals. He has been the chief editor and co-editor of neonatal Surgery (second edition), Zhang Jinzhe Pediatric Surgery, pediatric tumor surgery, and many other monographs.


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