School of Pediatrics


Wang Yiweng

Deputy Chief Physician

Tel: 13917214136

Research Area:Perinatal Medicine


In the last five years, the main research has focused on the impact of perinatal environmental factors, including pesticides, heavy metals and perfluorinated compounds, on the health of the offspring. The studies found that the levels of pesticides and heavy metals of the pregnant women in China were higher than those in developed countries. Perinatal OPs and heavy metal exposure could adversely affect children’s neurodevelopment. The genotype of paraoxonase was also found to affect population’s susceptibility to OPs and plays an important role in the neurodevelopment, suggesting that perinatal environmental factors deserve concerns.

A prospective study cohort including eight hospitals in China was conducted, focusing on invasive bacterial infections in newborns,to explore pathogenic bacteria and antibiotic sensitivity. A scoring system was developed for early diagnosis of neonatal bacterial meningitis.

Dr Wang has published 8 SCI papers and 2 papers in domestic core journals as first author/co-first author or corresponding author, with a cumulative IF of 47.005 and the highest single IF of 10.273.