School of Pediatrics


DI Yue

Associate Chief Physician


Tel: 18930815679

Research interests:Ophthalmic optics, digital programming technology in medical research Application of digital programming technology in medical research


She specializes in the treatment of pediatric ophthalmology, including the fitting of corneal plastic lenses, rigid corneal contact lenses, RGP and complex amblyopia, and the surgical treatment of pediatric ophthalmology, such as impingement and blepharoplasty, tear duct obstruction and multiple chalazia. He has been awarded the Outstanding Young Talents Training Program of the district and hospital to the NewEngland College of Optometry in the United States for further study. She is a member of the Chinese Medical Association, the Shanghai Medical Association, the International Society for Keratoplasty Asia, and the Chinese Association of Maternal and Child Health Care, Ophthalmology and Eye Care Branch.