School of Pediatrics


WEI Rong

Chief Physician



Research interests:Pediatric anesthesia

1.Application of ultrasound guidance technology in pediatric anesthesia

2.The application of single-lung ventilation technique in pediatric anesthesia

3. Brain protection mechanism


Wei Rong, M.D., Chief Physician, Graduate Instructor. He is now working in Shanghai Children's Hospital and is the director of the Department of Anesthesia in Shanghai Children's Hospital. He graduated from the Pediatrics Department of China Medical University in 1992 and received his MD degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2017. She is mainly engaged in clinical work of pediatric anesthesia. His research interests are the application of ultrasound guidance technology in pediatric anesthesia, the application of single lung ventilation technology in pediatric anesthesia, and brain protection mechanism. She has undertaken 4 provincial and ministerial level projects and 4 projects on the surface of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and has published 7 SCI papers.