School of Pediatrics


CHEN Zhongzhong

Associate Researcher


Research Interests: Genetic and molecular regulation of birth defects in genitourinary and reproductive systems


Prof. Zhongzhong Chen is currently the director of the Research Center for Genitourinary Malformations in the Department of Urology, Shanghai Children's Hospital, and a member of the Sexual Developmental Diseases Group of the Special Committee on Precision Medicine of the China Maternal and Child Health Association. He was responsible for and participated in the development of several big data platforms, including the mutation-driven human kinase network mapping database ( with collaborators at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), which is currently a key component of the Cancer The group has also been a key developer for the functional annotation and construction of the Human Genome Evolution Database ( led by EBI (The European Bioinformatics Institute). Currently, the group is using a combination of genetic analysis methods, sequencing, microarrays, big data and animal models to analyze genetic pathogenic genes and assess the risk of birth defects such as genitourinary and sexual developmental abnormalities. Her results have been published in Nature Cell Biology, European Urology, Cell Research, Cancer Research, Nucleic Acid Research and Human Genetics.