College of Health Science and Technology


Ph.D., M.D.RD, Professor

Dean of the Department of Clinical Nutrition

College of Health Science and Technology,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

Chief Physician,Department of Clinical Nutrition, Shanghai Xinhua Hospital.



  • 1992-1999      Xi’an Medical University, China ,Medicine ,Master of Medicine

  • (equivalent to M.D. in U.S)

  • 2001-2004      Shanghai Institute of Hematology Ruijin Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Second Medical University, China ,Hematology, Internal Medicine ,Ph.D.

  • 2004-2009      Temple University School of Medicine, Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center. Philadelphia, PA. ,Thrombosis & Biochemistry ,Postdoctoral Fellow

Professional membership


  • Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine , Associate Scientist Department of Laboratory Medicine ,12.2015~present

  • Temple University School of Medicine ,Assistant Scientist Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center,9.2009-12.2015

  • Temple University School of Medicine ,Postdoctoral Fellow Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center,10.2004-9.2009

  • Shaanxi Provincial People’s Hospital,Resident, Specialized in hematology & oncology,7.1999-9.2001


  • My major research interests are on the mechanism of haemostasis and coagulation and our research team have been primarily working on the structure and function of coagulation and anticoagulation factors. We have disclosed the molecular pathogenesis of thrombophilia and hemophilia by deciphering the function and structural implication of mutations of encoding genes. Our research findings revealed how the balance of the pro- and anti- coagulation was maintained and pathological outcome when the balance was interrupted. By incorporation of laboratory research in the management of patients with bleeding and thrombotic disorders, we are able to make precision diagnosis and establish individualized treatment accordingly. Furthermore, with the identification of the rare gain of function mutation, we have developed novel gene therapy strategy, which provides hope the cure of the hemophilia.


  • The National Award for Science and Technology Advancement (second class)      2007

  • (Hongli Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Qiulan Ding, Zhenyi Wang, Wenbin Wang, Yi Fang, Xiaohong Cai, Wenman Wu, Qihua Fu, Xiangfan Liu. The Clinical and basic research of congenital disorder of coagulation and anticoagulation factors)

  • The award Science and Technology Advancement (First Class)  2004

  • (Hongli Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Zhengyi Wang, Qihua Fu, Qiulan Ding, Wenman Wu, Baohua Duan, Rongfu Zhou, Wenbin Wang)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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