College of Stomatology


SUN Shuyang



  • Dr. Shuyang Sun, deputy director of Shanghai Key Laboratory of Stomatology. To promote developments of targeted therapeutic strategies, he established the largest humanized preclinical model platform of oral and maxillofacial-head neck tumors under the guidance of his mentor, Pr. Zhiyuan Zhang (Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering), including patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cohorts, patient-derived cell (PDC) lines and 3D-organoids. His research focuses on integrations of pharmaco-phenotyping, clinical information, and multi-omics data. By establishment of the multidimensional tumor heterogeneity study and drug development platform, he identified pivotal cellular anatomy characteristics and pathogenic mechanisms on tumor heterogeneity, and proposed intervention strategies to overcome drug resistance for personalized treatments. To provide practice paradigms for precision medicine in oral and maxillofacial-head neck tumors, he discovered novel targets with drugs to control tumor progression, and conducted therapeutic potency verifications in the clinical trial study mode. Presently, focusing on applications of the PDX model platform in oral and maxillofacial-head neck tumors, he published research papers including 3 cover papers on Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy, Clinical Cancer Research, Cancer Research, Advanced Science, Advanced Materials, Nature Communications, Theranostics, and other journals as (co-) first or corresponding author, co-operated on 5 clinical trials, and applied/authorized 7 patents. Dr. Shuyang Sun has hosted two key projects under the National Key R&D Program (2017, Chief Scientist) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (2020). He was also awarded the WuXi AppTec Life Chemistry Awards (2018), selected as the Shanghai Shuguang Scholar (2019) and the Young Yangtze River Scholar (2019), and awarded the title of Advanced Worker of Shanghai Health System (2021).