College of Stomatology


FAN Xindong



  • Dr. Xindong Fan, Professor, Doctoral Tutor, Director of Dept. of Interventional Therapy of Shanghai Ninth People’s hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, has been engaged in interventional therapy for over 20 years, especially experienced in diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies, interventional treatment of aneurysms and head and neck neoplasms. Dr. Fan is particularly expert in absolute ethanol interventional treatment of complex vascular anomalies and monitoring of critically-ill patients. Under his supervision, the Dept. of Interventional Therapy has become the first complex vascular anomaly center established in Shanghai and plays the key role in the application & promotion of the absolute ethanol interventional techniques nationwide. At the moment, the number of operations by absolute ethanol interventional therapy carried out by the center exceeds 4,000 each year. Through scientific research, teaching and academic exchanges, the discipline of interventional therapy has made a major impact internationally. Dr. Fan has become a national and international leader in absolute ethanol interventional techniques for complex vascular anomalies.

  • As a well-known expert in complex vascular anomalies across the nation, Dr. Fan assumes many major academic positions, including the vice president of Chinese Chapter Congress of the International Union of Angiology (CCC-IUA); president of Vascular Anomaly Committee of CCC-IUA; Leader of Chinese Multidisciplinary Team in International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA); chairman of the Vascular Diseases Branch of the Chinese Stomatological Association; vice chairman of the Peripheral Angiology Branch of the Chinese Society of Interventional Radiology. He has edited, written, and translated seven special educational books and published more than 98 papers in in periodicals and journals, both nationally and internationally. He has acquired 7 national or bureau grants, including 3 from the National Natural Science Foundation, and 4 from the Shanghai Bureau of Public Health. He has been awarded 1 Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress, 1 First Prize for Shanghai Clinical Science and Technology, and 1 Prize for Shanghai Clinical Medical Achievement.