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Tel: 021-63846590-776942

Research Field: Chemical Biology

Personal Introduction

  • The research field of my lab spans a broad range of chemical biology, structure biology, epigenetics and drug discovery. We are interested in studying the dynamic catalytic and regulation mechanisms of chemical modifications on biological macromolecules involved in Fatty acid biosynthesis, Nucleoside biosynthesis, and DNA/RNA methylation/demethylation pathways. These processes are vital for all living cells, and the biofunctions of enzymes involved in these processes are restrictively regulated spatio-temporally through chemical modifications. Our researches focus on elucidating the mechanisms of the key enzymes in adding, reading, catalytic changing and removing the chemical modifications on the biological macromolecules, as well as the subsequent corresponding biological effects. We are also establishing efficient high throughput drug screening systems for novel leading drug compounds discovery against these potential drug targets. So far, our lab has published several research articles on Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Communications, Cell Research, PNAS, Chemical Science, Elife, etc, and obtained 2 national patents and applied for a domestic patent. Our works are supported by numerous grants such as the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, the Major Research Plan and General Program Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shanghai Shuguang Scholar program, Oriental Scholar of Shanghai College, and Shanghai Biomedical science and technology innovation program, etc.

Scientific Research Projects

  • National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, 21722802;

  • The Major Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 91853118;

  • The General Program Research Plan of National Natural Science Foundation of China, 22077081, 21572133;

  • Shanghai Shuguang Scholar program,20SG16;

  • Oriental Scholar of Shanghai College;

  • Shanghai Biomedical science and technology innovation program, 22S11900600, 20S11900300;


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