College of Basic Medical Sciences


GAO Xiaoling


Research Field: Brian targeting drug delivery; Drug delivery systems for biological macromolecules

Personal Introduction

  • Dr. Xiaoling Gao obtained her Ph.D. in pharmaceutics from School of Pharmacy, Fudan University in 2007, following which she joined the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. Her team has been focusing on the development of natural and biomimetic nanocarriers for the efficient and precise delivery of biomacromolecule therapeutics to the brain. The major contributions include the development of a lipoprotein biomimetic nanocarrier with multi-mode drug loading capacity and tunable targeting property, the applications of nanotherapeutics for the management of brain diseases, and the elucidation of the pathway and mechanism for brain clearance of nanocarriers. Her team has published over sixty publications in high-impact journals including Nature Communications, Advanced Science, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, and Journal of Control Release. Her work has been recognized and highlighted in Science Translational Medicine, ACS Nano, Nanomedicine and other publications, as well as prominent professional media such as C&EN. She has applied for more than 20 PCT and Chinese invention patents, 7 of which have been authorized. Some of her achievements have entered the translation stage, and a new Alzheimer's disease intervention therapy is undergoing clinical trial. She is an editorial board member of the journals such as Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, Bioconjugate Chemistry and Asian Journal of Pharmceutical Sciences. She has been selected as professor of Changjiang Scholars program of the Ministry of Education, National Excellent Youth Program, et al. She also won the 2nd prize for Progress in Science and Technology awarded by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association,  and Nano Research Young Innovator Award in NanoBiotech 2018. As the main contributor, she also won the Chinese Ministry of Education and Shanghai government's 1st Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

Selected Publications

  • Yuyun Tang#, Jinchao Gao#, Tao Wang, Qian Zhang, Antian Wang, Meng Huang, Renhe Yu, Hongzhuan Chen, Xiaoling Gao*. The effect of drug loading and multiple administration on the protein corona formation and brain delivery property of PEG-PLA nanoparticles. Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B. 2022, 12 (4): 2043-2056.

  • Qian Zhang#, Qingxiang Song#, Xiao Gu#, Mengna Zheng, Antian Wang, Gan Jiang, Meng Huang, Huan Chen, Yu Qiu, Bin Bo, Shanbao Tong, Rong Shao, Binyin Li, Gang Wang, Hao Wang, Yongbo Hu, Hongzhuan Chen*, Xiaoling Gao*. Multifunctional Nanostructure RAP-RL Rescues Alzheimer’s Cognitive Deficits through Remodeling the Neurovascular Unit. Advanced Science. 2021, 8:2001918.

  • Xinyi Ma#, Meng Huang#, Mengna Zheng#, Chengxiang Dai, Qingxiang Song, Qian Zhang, Qian Li, Xiao Gu, Huan Chen,Gan Jiang, Ye Yu, Xuesong Liu, Suke Li, Gang Wang, Hongzhuan Chen, Liangjing Lu*, Xiaoling Gao*. ADSCs-derived extracellular vesicles alleviate neuronal damage, promote neurogenesis and rescue memory loss in mice with Alzheimer's disease. Journal of Controlled Release. 2020, 327:688-702.

  • Lepei Chen#, Qingxiang Song#, Yaoxing Chen, Shuang Meng, Mengna Zheng, Jialin Huang, Qian Zhang, Jiyao Jiang, Junfeng Feng, Hongzhuan Chen, Gan Jiang*, Xiaoling Gao*. Tailored Reconstituted Lipoprotein for Site-Specific and Mitochondria-Targeted Cyclosporine A Delivery to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury. ACS Nano. 2020, 14(6):6636-6648.

  • Xiao Gu#, Qingxiang Song#, Qian Zhang#, Meng Huang, Mengna Zheng, Juan Chen, Dan Wei, Jun Chen, Xunbin Wei, Hongzhuan Chen*, Gang Zheng*, Xiaoling Gao*. Clearance of two organic nanoparticles from the brain via the paravascular pathway. Journal of Controlled Release. 2020, 322:31-41.

  • Gan Jiang#, Huan Chen#, Jialin Huang#, Qingxiang Song, Yaoxing Chen, Xiao Gu, Zhenhuan Jiang, Yukun Huang, Yingying Lin, Junfeng Feng, Jiyao Jiang, Yinghui Bao, Gang Zheng, Jun Chen*, Hongzhuan Chen*, Xiaoling Gao*. Tailored Lipoprotein‐Like miRNA Delivery Nanostructure Suppresses Glioma Stemness and Drug Resistance through Receptor‐Stimulated Macropinocytosis. Advanced Science. 2020, 7(5):1903290.

  • Yukun Huang, Yu Chen, Songlei Zhou, Liang Chen, Jiahao Wang, Yuanyuan Pei, Minjun Xu, Jingxian Feng, Tianze Jiang, Kaifan Liang, Shanshan Liu, Qingxiang Song, Gan Jiang, Xiao Gu, Qian Zhang, Xiaoling Gao*, Jun Chen*. Dual-mechanism based CTLs infiltration enhancement initiated by Nano-sapper potentiates immunotherapy against immune-excluded tumors. Nature Communications. 2020,11(4):622.

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  • Meng Huang#, Meng Hu#, Qingxiang Song, Huahua Song, Jialin Huang, Xiao Gu, Xiaolin Wang, Jun Chen, Ting Kang, Xingye Feng, Di Jiang, Gang Zheng, Hongzhuan Chen*, Xiaoling Gao*. GM1-Modified Lipoprotein-like Nanoparticle: Multifunctional Nanoplatform for the Combination Therapy of Alzheimer's Disease. ACS Nano. 2015, 9(11):10801-10816.

  • Qingxiang Song, Meng Huang, Lei Yao, Xiaolin Wang, Xiao Gu, Juan Chen, Jun Chen, Jialin Huang, Quanyin Hu, Ting Kang, Zhengxing Rong, Hong Qi, Gang Zheng, Hongzhuan Chen*, Xiaoling Gao*. Lipoprotein-Based Nanoparticles Rescue the Memory Loss of Mice with Alzheimer's Disease by Accelerating the Clearance of Amyloid-Beta. ACS Nano. 2014, 8 (3): 2345-2359.