College of Basic Medical Sciences


XU Yingjie

Tel: 63846590-776492

Research Fields

  • Mechanism study and target discovery of cancer metastasis and drug resistance

  • Optimization of in vitro mRNA synthesis and in vivo delivery

  • Development of mRNA-based therapeutic applications: including mRNA vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases, mRNA protein replacement therapies for cancer and other diseases

Personal Introduction

  • Yingjie Xu, graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University with a seven-year program of clinical medicine. She obtained her doctorate degree from the Department of Experimental Medicine of McGill University in Canada in 2011. Yingjie Xu has extensive experience in in vitro synthesis and in vivo delivery of chemically modified mRNA. During her postdoctoral training at Boston Children's Hospital of Harvard Medical School, she carried out pioneering work on the treatment of metastatic prostate cancer with PTEN deficiency by nanoparticle delivery of the tumor suppressor PTEN mRNA. In July 2017, she joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a Principal investigator. Dr. Xu and her team focus on mRNA-based therapeutic application and mechanism study, and are committed to building a technical platform and system from target discovery-mRNA molecule optimization-synthesis-delivery to clinical application. The research findings have been published in academic journals such as Nature Biomedical Engineering, Cell Research, etc., and have been authorized and applied for a number of mRNA application patents.

Previous Research Support

  • 18PJ1406700               Xu (PI)      07/01/18-06/30/20

Shanghai Pu Jiang program (浦江人才计划)

TITLE: The mechanism of Prohibitin 1 mediated Lung Cancer Chemoresistance

  • 2020yg xingguan01          Xu (Co-PI) 01/01/20-12/30/20

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (special fund for 2019-nCoV)

TITLE: Development of broad-spectrum neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 utilizing humanized mouse model and development of novel vaccine strategy

Current Research Support

  • YG2022ZD001                   Xu (PI)    01/01/22-12/30/24

Shanghai Jiao Tong University "Medicine-engineering interdisciplinary" key project:

TITILE: Immune cell-specific mRNA delivery for tumor immunotherapy

  • 2021HX010                   Xu (PI)    07/14/21-07/15/24

Horizontal project (横向课题)

TITLE: Therapeutic application of immune factor mRNA in cancer

  • 2021YFA1301400)              Xu (key member)    12/1/21-11/30/24

The Ministry of Science and Technology's 2021 key project "Biomacromolecules and Microbiome"

Topic 4: Immunological basis and coping strategies of individual differences in vaccines,

  • 81872345                   Xu (PI) 01/01/19-12/30/22

National Nature Science Fund of China (国自然面上)

TITILE: Mechanistic dissection of PTEN protein phosphatase regulation upon Foxk1 in Prostate cancer

  • 2019TPA10                  Xu (Co-PI)      01/01/20-12/30/22

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (重点前瞻布局基金,重点突破A)

TITLE: Evaluation the in vivo efficacy of novel nanoparticle delivery of mRNA in treatment of acute kidney injury and dissection of mechanisms

  • 2020                        Xu (PI)      07/01/20-06/30/23

Shanghai Jiao Tong University – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Joint Seed Funding Scheme in Covid-19

TITLE: Identification and evaluation of COVID-19 viral entry inhibitors


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