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Tel: 021-63846590-776319

Research Field: Immunoregulation in human diseases

Personal Introduction

  • I got my bachelor’s degree in Fudan University majoring in Biochemistry in 1991 and joined Shanghai Institute of Immunology Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine until now. In 2005 and 2006, I got Ph.D degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medcine in China and University of Mediterranean in Marseille in France respectively. I am now Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Principle Investigator of Shanghai Institute of Immunology and Vice Dean of Graduate School of Medicine Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. I was selected in Shanghai Pujiang Scholar Program in 2007 and Shanghai Academic Research Leader Project in 2018.

  • Disease-oriented immunological investigations are my most favorable researches. Through the collaborations with the clinicians, I have gradually set up my research directions to dissect aberrant immune regulation during the pathogenesis of lung-related diseases including tuberculosis, COVID-19 and lung cancer. From well-designed clinical study and sample collection to immune profiling of disease-related immune abnormality, I have tried to figure out key factors that can improve the diagnosis, efficacy predication as well as prevention of the diseases some of which are inclined to potentiate clinical applications in the future. To explore diagnostic biomarkers and development of novel preventive vaccines against tuberculosis (TB) and latent TB infection, my group has screened panels of novel mycobaceterial antigens with high immunogenencity both in active TB patients and mice, which facilitates their further expectation for vaccine development and biomarker determination. Among them, LppZ is identified with high immunogenicity and antigenicity, and induces both innate and adaptive immune responses with great potential values in both TB diagnosis and new TB vaccine development. My another research interest is investigations on efficacy prediction and improvement in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) receiving immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment. Since only ~20% of patients benefit from anti-PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies monotherapy, predictive biomarkers that facilitate patient selection and treatment decisions in ICIs therapy are necessary. Collaboration with Dr Shun Lu from Shanghai Chest Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, we have serially collected blood, urea and fecal from the NSCLC enrolled in registered ICI clinical trials. By using omics techniques, we have identified microbiota, metabolites and immune signatures in the prediction and prognosis of ICI treatment for NSCLC. Subsequently, we have started to explore comprehensive strategies on “cold-to-hot” tumor transition for the sensitization of immune checkpoint inhibitors against advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

Scientific Research Projects

  • Perspective clinical Investigations on Biomarker-oriented selection for lung cancer patients benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors  Co-PI  (12/1/2021-11/30/2024)

Funding Source: Chinese National Mega Science and Technology Program on Infectious Diseases

Grant Number: 2021YFC2301502

  • The mechanisms of NLRP4-mediated Type I interferon response in affecting PD-1/PD-L1 blockade treatment in lung cancer  PI  (10/1/2020-9/30/2023)

Funding Source: Basic Medicine Key Project, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee

Grant Number: 20JC1417500

  • Exploration on immune compatibility of hydrogel biomaterials in the treatment of stroke  Participant  (1/1/2020-12/31/2024)

Funding Source: Key Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant Number: 81930051

  • Perspective clinical Investigations on Biomarker-oriented selection for lung cancer patients benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors  Co-PI

Funding Source: Medical Innovative Project, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Grant Number: 19411950500, 9/1/2019-5/30/2022. ¥500,000

  • Metabolic reprogramming mycobacterial specific memory T cells and its clinical significance    PI  (1/1/2019-12/31/2022)

Funding Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Grant Number: 81873868


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