College of Basic Medical Sciences


FANG Weiqun


Research Field: The Fang laboratory investigates how neural ensembles’ structural and functional plasticity regulates visual perception and behaviors. They explore how ensemble dynamics in normal and diseased brains are determined by the interplay among cell types, signaling pathways and developmental stages. Aided by extensive cross-disciplinary collaboration, they applied optical and genetic approaches to manipulate ensembles to reshape cognition and drive behavior.

Personal Introduction

  • Dr. Fang received his B.S. at Department of Biology and M.S. at Department of Genetics in Fudan University, and Ph.D. at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Supervised by Prof. Nancy Ip, he studied Wnt signaling function in brain organization and autism. Then he worked with Prof. Rafael Yuste as a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University, applying in vivo two-photon microscopy and optogenetics to visualize and manipulate neural circuits in behaving mice. In 2021, Dr. Fang started his independent career at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. He is leading a team to investigate neural circuit plasticity underlying visual cognition and visually-guided behaviors in normal and diseased conditions (e.g. autism).

Scientific Research Projects

  • National Key R&D Program of China (China Brain Project): 2021.12-2026.12


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