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Research Field: Structural mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and cancer immunotherapy

Personal Introduction

  • Dr.Zhou obtained his Ph D degrees from Nanjing University in 1997, and then worked in the Department of Hematology of Cambridge University till 2012. He became BHF lecturer in 2006 and led a research group independently. He joined Shanghai Jiao tong University School of medicine as a professor of structural biology in 2012. His research has been focused on the structural mechanisms of many proteins associated with cardiovascular diseases and cancer immunotherapy through biochemical techniques and biophysical methods such as X-ray crystallography and Cryo-Electron microscopy. Over the years, his group has illustrated how protein conformational changes are associated with the onset of various diseases and provided new insights for further clinical treatment. The research group has published more than 40 research papers including Nature (2010,2019), Blood (2009,2012,2022), Science Advance (2020) etc.


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