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FU Guohui


Tel: 86-21-63846590-776601

Research Field

  • Firstly discovered that erythrocyte-specific protein is the molecular target of gastric cancer in the world, and elucidated relevant molecular mechanism. Gastric mucosal damage is a predisposing factor for breast cancer, gastrin inhibits gastric cancer and breast cancer by activating protein kinases, these research results won the second prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology in 2021. At present, we are focusing on the clinical translational applications of gastrin as a targeted drug and its improvement of the immune microenvironment.

  • Viral infection upregulates the expression of tumor cells PD-L1, and the oncolytic virus combined with PD-L1 antibody enhances the anti-tumor effect of mice compared with the single-use virus or antibody.We are currently conducting clinical trial.

  • The NF-kb pathway was found to be the key and potential therapeutic target of cartilage catabolism, and a novel bone targeting delivery system has been established for the treatment of steroid-associated osteonecrosis.

Personal Introduction

Guohui Fu is a professor working at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. She is currently a member of the intelligent Pathology Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, the Editorial Board of Human Pathology, vice chairman of Pathology Committee of Chinese women’s Doctor Association. As the project leader, she has undertaken 15 national and Shanghai projects, including the National High-Tech Industrialization Project (863), the National Key Basic Research Program (973), and the Key projects of NSFC of China. As corresponding author, she published 45 papers in peer-reviewed journals. She had 3 authorized patents and 1 science and technology progress award from the Ministry of education of China and Shanghai Science and Technology. She found that the RBC specific protein is potential molecular target for treatment of gastric cancer. Gastrin inhibits gastric and breast cancer through activating ERK pathway. At present, the research group is committed to developing new methods for diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer.

Scientific Research Projects

  1. Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, 2018 Shanghai Key Clinical Specialty Construction Project.¥8,120,800. 01/2018-12/2022

  2. Hospital Development Center of Shanghai, Molecular characterization of relapsed and refractory gastric adenocarcinoma hyperresponsive to trastuzumab based on phosphoproteomic studies. ¥600,000. 12/2016-06/2019

  3. Shanghai Science and Technology Committee(STC), A research about 17-peptide gastrin as a drug that could treat chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer¥500,000.01/2015-12/2017

  4. NSFC, Key molecular event of  Hematopoietic stem cell diferentiating into gastric epithelial cell and it’s effect in the development of gastric cancer. ¥800,000.01/2014-12/2017

  5. State 973 Projects, National Key Basic Research Projects,Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST),Many Kinds of posttranslational modifications in the lysine residues regulate protein functions. ¥130,000.01/2013-12/2017

  6. The 12th Five-Year "Climbing" Plan, Molecular marker of early diagnosis and classification in gastric cancer.¥2,400,000.07/2011-07/2016

  7. National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), The effect of feedback dysregulation of NF-κB p65/miR-23a-27a-24-2 cluster in the development of gastric adenocarcinoma and the abnormality of erythroid differentiation.¥600,000.01/2012-12/2014

  8. STC, The NF-κB p65 agonist have acting in unison with gastrin in lowing pH value of partial  gastric mucosa could block hemopoietic stem cell Transforming into gastric cancer. ¥300,000.01/2012-12/2014

  9. Doctoral Scientific Fund Project of the Ministry of Education(PFDR),The effect of miR-23-24-27 cluster in the development of gastric cancer. ¥60,000.01/2011-12/2013

  10. NSFC,A research about correlative mechanism of micro RNA in the ultimated  erythroid differentiation and the development of gastric cancer. ¥350,000.01/2010-12/2012

  11. National High-tech Research and Development Projects ( State 863 projects), Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), The application that gene mutation and the abnormal expression of anion exchange protein in gastric cancer diagnosis and treatment. ¥2,880,000. 01/2009-12/2010

  12. NSFC, Abnormal translation of anion exchanger-1 in the carcinogenesis of gastric cancer cells. ¥340,000.01/2008-12/2010

  13. NSFC, Novel mechanism of p16 function regulation and its correlation with tumor.¥250,000. 01/2006-12/2008

  14. NSFC(Key Project), A research about C-terminal of Band 3 protein in cell proliferation and apoptosis. ¥1,000,000.01/2003-12/2005

  15. NSFC, Interaction between the C-terminal domain of Erythrocyte Membrane Band 3 Protein and Glycophorin A. ¥180,000. 01/2002-12/2002

  16. NSFC, Purification, Gene Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Active Protease Associated with Band3 Protein.¥110,000. 01/2000-12/2002


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