School of Nursing



chief superintendent nurse


Research areas:Aged care; Geriatric Nursing


  • Registered Nurse, Master's degree, Master Supervisor,Chief Superintendent Nurse. Director of the VIP medical office of Medical Department of Renji Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University. She graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University, Australia Catholic University and a visiting scholar at the school of life and health of link ö Ping University in Sweden.

  • She works in the surgical Committee of the Chinese Nursing Society, the aging health committee of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, the elderly rehabilitation professional committee of the Chinese Rehabilitation Medicine Association, the foreign-related medical professional committee of the Shanghai Medical Association, the Shanghai nursing society, the Shanghai nursing technology and health professional committee and other academic groups.

  • She has been engaged in nursing work in Shanghai top three general hospital for nearly 20 years. She served as the Executive Director of Nursing Department of the South Campus of Renji Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University for 9 years. She mainly engaged in research related to elderly nursing, published many academic papers, presided over many topics, and built a specialized nursing base for the elderly, a popular science base for elderly care and other projects.


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