School of Nursing


SHI Zhongying

Professor of Nursing


Professional field:Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Nursing Management

Educational Background

  • 1999-2003 Fudan University, BSc in Nursing

Research Projects

  • Presided over more than 20 projects, including project of Shanghai Health Commission, project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, etc;

  • Published more than 50 papers in professional journals at home and abroad,,

  • Chief editor / deputy chief editor: 5 monographs;

  • Participated in the compilation of 10 monographs;

Honors and Awards

  • The third prize of "science and technology award of Chinese Nursing Association";

  • The third prize of "science and technology award of Shanghai Nursing Association";

  • 9 patents and works registered;

  • more than 10 silver awards, bronze awards and starlight plan awards in Shanghai outstanding invention trials.

Professional Affiliations

  • Master supervisor; Registered psychological counselor; Chairman of Mental Health Committee of Shanghai Nursing Association; Deputy head of psychosomatic nursing cooperation group of Chinese Medical Association; Member of mental health special committee of Chinese Nursing Society; Vice chairman of Shanghai Xuhui District Nursing Association; Member of Nursing Management Committee of Shanghai Hospital Association; Member of Nursing Management Committee of Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University; Member of Shanghai nursing quality control expert database.

Selected Publications

  • Dang Jin, Zhang Chen, Shi Zhongying. A Pilot Study of iPad-Assisted Cognitive Training for Schizophrenia. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 2014, 28: 197-199.

  • Shi Zhongying, Wang Lixia, Kong Qingfang, et al. Effect of Supportive Self-Management Mode on rehabilitation administration and management of discharged patients with depression.Chinese Nursing Management, 2018,18:2,261-265.

  • Li Yang, Shi Zhongying. Validation of Chinese version of the Fatigue Associated Depression Questionnaire: testing of reliability and validity. Journal of Nursing Science, 2020, 35(16): 90-94.

  • Li Hua, Shi Zhongying, Huang Jia, et al. Effect of emotional catharsis workshop on negative emotions among patients with depression.Chinese Nursing Management, 2020.20(8):1164-1167

  • Xinxin Wang, Zhongying Shi, Wenwen Qi, et al. Development and psychometric evaluation of a Chinese version of auditory  hallucination risk assessment scale in patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. J Clin Nurs, 2020, 29(17-18), 3414—3424.

  • Liu Xiao, Huang Chuxian, Shi Zhongying. Development of a training program based on the transition shock model for new nurses in psychiatric hospitals.Chin J Nurs Educ, 2021, 18(04): 317-323.

  • Qi W, Sheng M, Shi Z. Professional identity and its work-related factors among psychiatric nurses: A cross-sectional study.Jpn J Nurs Sci. 2021;e12380.