School of Nursing


LUO Wenyi

Researh Areas: Critical Care; Cardiovascular system and rehabilitation; Congenital Heart Disease


  • Luo is deputy director of Nursing Department of Shanghai Children's Medical Center,young member of Critical Care Committee of Chinese Nursing Association, vice chairman of critical care committee of Shanghai Nursing Association, deputy leader of cardiothoracic group of pediatric surgery credit association of Chinese Medical Association, and secretary of cardiology group of nursing alliance of National Children's Medical Center.

  • As a researcher involved with critically ill children in China, Luo’s research strives to improve standards of care and identify the needs of all families and their critically ill children while in the hospital. Luo’s passion for the practice of critical care, especially nurse-led therapies that contribute to improved patient outcomes, including exploring the pediatric Prone to identify the best positional and/or ventilation practice that leads to improved patient outcomes in critically ill children with PARDS (Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), constructing the SSKIN bundle to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries in ICU, and forming and conducting the Early Enteral feeding protocol to improve the malnutrition problems for critically ill children after congenital heart surgery. She won the 14th and 12th nursing science and technology award of Shanghai Nursing Association (in 2016 and 2020).

  • Currently, Luo helped to develop the ICF-CY Model for postoperative patient rehabilitation, which bases nursing care on the needs of the patient and family. This model is now integrated into nursing curricula and the pediatric rehabilitation association’s credentialing programs, linking evidence-based clinical practice with patient outcomes.


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