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Deputy Professor of Nursing


Tel: +86 13651613273

Research areas: General surgical nursing, Enhanced Recovery after general surgery, nutritional nursing)


  • SHEN Ling received a master degree of nursing from ACU in 2007. She is now the head nurse of General Surgery of Xinhua Hospital and the master supervisor of the school of nursing of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

  • Shen Ling is appointed as a member of the surgical committee of the Chinese Nursing Society and the Shanghai Nursing Society. At the same time, she achieves the honor as a member of the excellent nursing professional skills expert from the school of nursing of Shanghai Jiaotong University. She is interested in nursing of clinical nutrition. She does a good job in clinical nutrition evaluation and nutrition support, and becomes a member of clinical nutrition quality control in Shanghai.

  • Shen Ling has undertaken three national education projects and has made several speeches on   the meeting of academic projects for many times. She had undertaken a number of medical research projects and published more than 10 journal papers as the first author or corresponding author. Two nursing postgraduates have been instructed to graduate. She obtained GCP certificate and participated in a number of clinical drug trials. In 2021, she obtained a patent and copyright about “dietary nutrition of cancer patients".


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