School of Nursing



Chief Superintendent Nurse

Affiliation: Shanghai General Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong Medical University


Tel: +8618001890326

Research areas: Critical Care Nursing, Nursing Management, Aged Care


  • CHEN Lan, deputy director of the nursing department of Shanghai General hospital, master of nursing, dedicating in critical care for 20years, Master mentor of school of nursing of Shanghai Jiao Tong medical university and Suzhou university; Vice Chairman of Intensive Care Committee of Shanghai Nursing Association; Vice Chairman of Nursing informatics Committee of Chinese Society of Medical equipment; Member of the Medical Care Branch of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics. She received her Master’s degree from Australia Catholic University in 2007, School of nursing. She has been studied in Bob jones University and Pittsburgh Medical Center. Currently, She focuses her study on critical care research, participates in nursing research programs including: a grant from Science and Technology Research Project of Songjiang District Health and Health Committee: Oral health promotion strategies for the elderly population in long-term care institutions in Songjiang District (NO: 2020SJ316); a grant sponsored by Shanghai Health Commission Research Fund Project: ICU Nursing Human Resource Allocation Model Based on CAMEO Scoring System (NO: 201940074); a grant from Shanghai Health Commission Research Fund Project: Establishment of clinical nursing quality indicators based on information system (NO: 201540351); a grant sponsored by Shanghai Education Commission Nursing Construction Fund Project: Explore the role of polite nurses in China. Her selected publications, Chen, L Gu, X Li, W Chen, L Zhang. Oral health matters in cognitive impaired aged residents in geriatric care facilities: A cross-sectional survey. Nurs Open 2021.