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Professor of Nursing


Tel: +86(0)21-63240090

Research Direction: Intensive Care Nursing, Nursing Management


  • Professor Fang has been engaged in researches of intensive care nursing and nursing management.

  • Professor Fang’s researches focus on the field of integrated nursing management of emergency and intensive care through exploring the whole process integrated nursing management system from the aspects of workflow, management strategy, new technology and professional cultivation, as well as the construction of specialized nursing team and the training of higher educated multi-discipline talents in the Department of emergency and critical care for improving the quality of nursing management and safety of critically ill patients. Ten projects from researches’ output were approved and supported by health-bureau and above, and part of the results have formed a series of more than 70 papers published in Chinese Journal of nursing and other journals.

  • Professor Fang has applied for nearly 20 patents of newly practice use, won the second prize of the Shanghai Nursing Science and Technology Award and 100 distinguished papers selected by the Chinese Nursing Society. On the aspects of specialized team construction and professional cultivation, Fang has established 9 teams of different sub-specialties of critical care nursing and earned 8 municipal professionals’ cultivation programs supported by municipal level.

Selected Publications

  • Wu Y, Fang F.*, Wang Z, Wen P, Fan J, 2021, “The influence of recipient SLCO1B1 rs2291075 polymorphism on tacrolimus dose-corrected trough concentration in the early period after liver transplantation”, Eur J Clin Pharmacol, Vol. 77, No.6, pp. 859-867.

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