School of Nursing


ZHANG Yaqing

PhD, Professor


Tel: +86 18017287039

Research areas: Nursing Management;Nursing Education;Chronic Disease Management


  • Since 2010, as an academic leader of nursing discipline in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), her work has strongly pushed School of Nursing to be one of the first doctoral programs of nursing across China. Furthermore, her team received 1400,000 USD for discipline development. She leaded the team to establish in-depth domestic and international collaboration with outstanding researchers from the U.S., Australia, Hong Kong and Her team trained over 200 junior nurse leaders from 12 affiliated hospitals. Our school have been ranked as No.5 and No.6 nationwide in the third and fourth round of China Discipline Ranking. She was also appointed as the first doctoral supervisor by SJTU.

  • She has hosted over more than 60 scientific research and teaching research projects, including more than 20 national Social Science Foundation projects, national Natural Science sub-projects and provincial and ministerial projects. The study was rated in the top third of the country when the results were reviewed. She has published more than 160 research papers in SCI and core journals, among which three papers have won the first and second prizes of national Hundred Excellent Papers in Medical education and Medical Education management. She has obtained 6 national copyright written works patents. As the first person in charge, he has won 30 provincial and ministerial awards or honors, including National Online First-class Undergraduate course, National High-quality Online Open Course, Shanghai Education Award, Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award, Shanghai First Virtual simulation experimental Teaching Project, Shanghai Nursing Science and Technology Award, National Bao Gang Excellent Teacher Award, etc. She assumed the position of chief editor and deputy chief editor of nearly 20 national planning textbooks.

Professional affiliations

  • Vice-chairman of Nursing Higher Education Accreditation of Ministry of Education;

  • Member of Nursing Professional Teaching Committee of Ministry of Education;

  • Fellow of American Academy of Nursing (FAAN)

  • Member of Nursing Education Committee of Chinese Nursing Association;

  • Vice-chairman of The National Nursing Academic Textbooks Writing Advisory Board;

  • Vice-chairman of Medical Science Committee under Chinese Science Writers Association.

  • Director of Nursing Education Committee of Shanghai Nursing Association

  • Deputy Director of Biomedical Journal Committee, Shanghai Science and Technology Journal Society.


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