School of Nursing


LU Qunfeng


Phone: +86 18917128006

Research areas: (1) critical care for children; (2) nursing management


Lu Qunfeng began to work in a tertiary Grade A comprehensive hospital of Shanghai in 1992,has more than 20 years of adult critical care experience.From 2005 to 2007, she studied and worked in Germany as a visiting scholar for 2 years. Since Dr. Lu joined Shanghai Children's Hospital in 2013 as a talent introduction staff, she has been witnessing and participating in the development of critical care medicine in Shanghai Children's Hospital. She has established nurse-managed Extracorporeal Life Support (ECLS) as a subgroup of nursing specialties and developed a standardized protocol. She has given great contribution to the development of the ECLS nursing team. Under her leadership, the ECLS nursing team has published 16 papers in core journals, declared 3 patents, and won 5 awards from Shanghai Nursing Association for scientific and technological progress. In these years, her research team has focused on transitional care and qualitative research, and has published 3 papers in foreign journals.

Dr. Lu has more than 20 years clinical nursing management experience and has thus gathered rich management skills. She is full of enthusiasm for nursing and has her own nursing values. She attaches great importance to the nursing specialty team building and pays much attention on pediatric nursing talent ladder training. Moreover, Dr. Lu never stopped enhancing her profession of nursing by improving academic levels, although she always has a busy schedule.

Dr. Lu is a Nightingale volunteer team leader as well. In order to decrease the incidence of children's accidental injuries, she established a parent school series of public welfare training programs that had been reported by media many times. The team has been completing more than 50 training sessions during their spare time, which have covered nearly 3,000 audience. Dr. Lu had been invited to give on-site lectures on first aid training by the Shanghai Red Cross frequently. Meanwhile, under her encouragement, her graduate students launched a program of science popularization, and carried out series of science popularization activities. The program has won several awards, and was awarded the Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan in 2021.

  • Director of the nursing department of Shanghai Children's Hospital

  • Chief nurse practitioner

  • Doctor of philosophy in nursing

  • Outstanding Nursing Worker in 2021,

  • Nominated for the 5th Zuoying Nursing Award in Shanghai Health System in 2020

  • Shanghai Outstanding Young Nursing Talent Mentor in 2019

  • Member of the Nursing Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Nursing Association

  • Leader of nursing discipline in Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University


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