School of Nursing




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Research areas: Humanistic nursing; Share decision making;

Kidney and Urology care; narrative nursing


  • YANG Yan, PhD, RN, doctoral tutor, national second-class psychological consultant,is the Dean of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Nursing. She is also the chairman of professional committee of Surgical nursing of Shanghai Nursing Association,vice chairman of the humanistic nursing special committee of China Life Association,the first chairman of Shanghai "Zuoying" award winner Federation,and the 12th women's representative of China.

  • Yang take charge of more than 10 research projects, which include National Natural Science Foundation of China. She has published 11 books, more than hundred papers, 9 patents and translated 3 nursing tool manuals. Yang has won the Shanghai nursing science and Technology Progress Award for 4 times, the Innovation and Invention Award for 1 time, and the first prize of National Education Achievement; Second prize of Shanghai Education Achievement Award. In 2015, she was selected into the first excellent young nursing talent training program in Shanghai and was awarded honor of outstanding.


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