Institute of Molecular Medicine

December 8, 2022 Share:

The Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) was founded in October 2017 by Prof. Weihong Tan, who is academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based in Renji hospital, IMM focuses on interdisciplinary research of molecular medicine that aims to achieve scientific breakthrough in early diagnosis and drug innovation against major diseases, to promote the integration of basic research, and clinical translation, and ultimately to aid the realization of Healthy China. IMM possesses high-level research platform-the Shanghai Key Laboratory for Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Nanomedicine, and is composed of high-level scientists, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and young scientists with the National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Excellent Youth Fund, Changjiang Young Scholars, and Shanghai municipal talents recruitment program. To date, IMM has become the world-class institute for inter-disciplinary talents devoted to teaching, research, and technique translation.Our research focuses on nucleic acid chemistry, molecular self-assembly and molecular network, in-vitro diagnostics, clinical translation of nanomedicine . IMM has published high-level scientific articles in Nature, Science, and many other journals. IMM have been supported by National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Natural Science Foundation for Outstanding Young Scholars. In 2019, the Shanghai Key Laboratory for Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Nanomedicine based in IMM was approved by the Shanghai Science and Technology Committee.IMM is equipped with confocal laser scanning microscopy,  steady-state and transient fluorescence spectrometers, fluorescence real-time quantitative PCR, high throughput DNA synthesizer, gel permeation chrommatography, flow cytometry, chemiluminescence imaging system, nucleic acid fragment analyzer, gas chromatography-mass spectrography, ultra-depth of field 3d microscopic system, UV lithography system, orbital trap mass spectrometer, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, transmission electron microscope, atomic force microscope etc.IMM has committed to promoting innovation from basic research to clinical translation. Numerous clinical cooperative research projects with Shanghai First Class Grade 3A Hospitals have been initiated to facilitate the integration of basic research and clinical applications.